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Struggling what to get your scuba-obsessed friend or family member? Here’s a list of fantastic stocking stuffers perfect for scuba diving enthusiasts. This list ranges from inexpensive items to top-of-the-range scuba gear and they’re all guaranteed to transform you into the best Santa ever! Remember though, they only get gifts if they’re on Santa Clause’s ‘nice’ list.

ArmorTex Gloves by Akona

For any diver who regularly explores wreck sites or goes lobster diving, a good pair of gloves is essential. This pair of Akona gloves is made from ArmorTex material which makes them extremely comfortable to wear and exceptionally puncture-resistant without being heavy or bulky. The material boasts a 4-way stretch that makes the gloves very easy to put on and take off. Manufactured by the Hawaaian brand Akona, these ArmorTex gloves are available in two thicknesses: 3.5 mm and 5mm. The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price is $58 for the former option and $64 for the latter.

Sea Dragon Mini 600 Torch by Sealife

If your scuba diver friend has made it to the top of your ‘good’ list this year, spoil them with the latest in dive torch technology. Regardless of whether they have a dive torch or not, the Sea Dragon Mini 600 is a handy little torch that has an impressive output of 600 lumens. Ideal as a primary or backup dive light, this versatile little torch can also mount to Sealife underwater cameras and GoPros. This compact torch is available with regular batteries but also offers the option of coming with rechargeable batteries. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the Sea Dragon Mini 600 usually retails for around $129.95 and is the perfect way to shed some light on the subject.

MK2 EVO/R195 regulator by ScubaPro

Santa is bringing you a breath of fresh air this Christmas! The latest regulator from ScubaPro is the ideal choice for divers who spend time beneath both warm and very cold waters. ScubaPro has isolated the regulator’s mechanics, increasing performance by at least 50% when used in exceptionally cold waters. This regulator is small enough to travel with and promises a comfortable fit and easy breathing. The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price is $349.

The Axis BCD by Sherwood Scuba

For the ultimate in BCD comfort, look no further than the Axis by Sherwood Scuba. Combining the best features from regular jacket BCD’s and wing-and-backplate alternatives, the Axis is a compact, lightweight BCD that is inflated from the back. Boasting extreme comfort and integrated weights, the Axis also has a cumberband that adjusts with your depth. How fancy is that! Expect to pay in the region of $588 for this, Sherwood Scuba’s latest and greatest.

VTX Computer by Oceanic

For those that have been really really nice and not at all naughty, Oceanic’s latest dive computer is a major contender for this year’s ‘best present ever’. With today’s generation of dive computers all boasting full-colour displays, Oceanic’s VTX really stands out with its incredibly clear and powerful full-colour OLED screen. It also has the ability to adjust the output/battery combination, allowing you to change the screen’s power in order to conserve battery as you go. The computer features a transmitter for your scuba tank, an optional extra that will allow you to monitor your gas usage from the screen. The screen gives a sense of being Information-Central on your wrist, with tonnes of information displayed without the added bulk as some of the other new computer systems have. The VTX comes with a handy bungee cord wrist mount and retails for around $949.95 and $1299.95 with the transmitter.

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