Destination Utila Bay Islands

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Relazing atmosphere on Utila. Utila is the smallest of the three major Bay Islands, located off the north coast of Honduras, in the heart of Central America. Utila is part of the islands that are the above-water manifestations of the Bonacca Ridge which forms the edge of the Honduran continental shelf and parallels a deep ocean trench, creating an exhilarating section of the Great Western Barrier Reef.

This English-speaking, Caribbean island has a reputation for being very friendly and very laid back. With its population of a 1000 people, it is no way near as developed as its neighbour Roatan while it still has access to all the great dive sites surounding the islands.

Apart from diving there isn’t much to do but lay on the beach or hire a motorbike and explore the island. There is one little shop in town, which get the supplies on Tuesday morning. You will notice that many things will allready be gone on Wednesday, because the people are hoarding a lot. When there is no food, you can always pick some coconuts from the trees.

When to Visit Utila

Water temperatures vary from 77 degrees F to 82 degrees F throughout the year. Visibility ranges from 65 to 110 feet. In the winter, northers can blow down and disrupt the diving. The rainy season starts in October or November and runs into February, but it doesn’t usually affect visibility that much. The hottest months are March and August.

Getting to Utila

Continental, Taca, Lacsa, and American Airlines all fly direct to Roatan from US destinations such as Los Angeles, Houston, New Orleans, New York, and Miami. From there Utilla is only a small boat ride away.

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