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This excellent dive site is made up of a large wall dive with many whip corals and Gorgonian fans. When there is a strong current, it is at is an excellent site to spot a huge variety of large fish. Due to this Amos Rock has great conditions for photography and offers fantastic night diving.

The site is found on the southern side of Tubbataha and the dive begins at around 5 metres. It starts out with a gentle slope that ends up as a vertical wall. The wall goes down to about 70 metres and then drops off into the deep blue ocean. Visibility is very good and can get to 40 metres. The best time to dive the site is when the current is strong as this brings out the large fish. Without it, the site is a great for diving for coral with great hard corals in the shallows and then very healthy soft corals as divers descend the wall.

Divers have a great chance to spot Moorish idols, angelfish, surgeonfish, many fusiliers, huge groups, snappers, and mackerel. Several large Napoleon wrasse can often be found swimming with the current. The larger pelagic are also common so divers should look out for manta rays, eagle rays, grey reef sharks, and white tip reef sharks. Turtles are also frequent visitors to the spot. On night dives, there will be many different Nudibranchs and other macro life. There are many lionfish, crabs, and lobsters as well that can be spotted at night.

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