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This is known as one of the best places to dive sites in the world, as it is an amazing place for seeing a variety of marine life. With over 650 documented fish species and over 400 coral species, this dive area will offer all divers the chance to spot something new. The Philippines have over 450 species of coral and most of these can be seen on dive trips to the island. The island is also one of the most famous community based marine protected areas and so is well studied.

Not only is the marine life here varied but it is also dense. The coral comes in every colour and ranges from brain corals to Gorgonian sea fans to bubble corals. The island contains around 11 distinct and unique dive sites that are all equally varied. There are a number of good wall dives, sloping reefs, drift dives, and muck dives. There will be a dive site for divers of all experience levels on Apo Island but most divers who visit are experienced with diving with strong currents.

A good example of a great dive site on the island would be Coconut Point, which is referred to as a washing machine type of dive because of the currents that are normally very strong. This dive allows divers to spot many large pelagic fish that are usually present with strong currents. There are large schools of snappers, anthias, jacks, and trevallies seen often at this dive site. Bumphead wrasse and turtles are very common too.

In other dive spots around the islands, divers can expect to see many different types of reef fish and whilst divers may think they are seeing the same type of fish, often it will be a new species. Divers should look out for trumpet fish, triggerfish, sweetlips, squirrelfish, snappers, puffer fish, porcupine fish, parrotfish, Moorish idols, jacks, damselfish, cardinal fish, batfish, banner fish, angelfish, clown fish, and anemone fish all in vast numbers.

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