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This is definitely the best dive spot around Pulau Bunaken and a classic wall dive.

A seemingly endless reef that is impossible to explore in a single dive. The barrier life is extremely well developed on this beautiful vertical wall which features many little caves and a profusion of soft coral and hard coral and fire coral.

Divers get to see such a large variety of fish within the first 5m that even diving at depth will not give them such an opportunity.

The wall itself varies from steep slopes to the sheer vertical, with places where there are large undercutting overhangs, and is diveable down to 40m.

Overall there is a great variety of things to see, both on and around the wall itself, and out in the blue because of the potential to see passing pelagics.

It is possible to spot many different schools of fish, especially in the shallow but also over the place including fusiliers, anthias, sweet lips, drummer, butterfly fish; also unicorn fish, crocodile needlefish, napoleon and much more.

Additionally, it is possible to sea blue spotted stingrays, several crabs, many nudybranches and flat worms and sometimes stonefish, crocodile fish and occasionally ghost pipe fishes.

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