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Daedalus Reef, sometimes called Abu Kizan, is one of the most well preserved dive sites in the Red Sea. It is roughly 80 km from Marsa Alam and is not visited very much due to its far out location. At the center of the reef, there is an artificial island, where a lighthouse has been built. It is part of the larger National Park and so is also well protected legally. The site has some strong currents, and winds that create waves and swells making it a sometimes difficult spot to approach. However, the site is home to many pelagic fish and so these conditions are well worth managing. Most divers reach the site via a liveaboard, which would also allow divers to visit the dive site more than once.

The dive site is made up of two very deep walls that are overgrown with soft corals and fans. They are both conducted as drift dives, with the Western wall having more variety of corals. There are many large hard coral formations, and divers can expect to see moray eels, dottybacks, anemone fish, and other smaller reef fish.

Larger pelagic fish are the highlight of this dive. In the summer months, Hammerhead sharks are commonly seen, and grey reef sharks, tuna, and trevally visit the site. Thresher sharks are less common but they have also been spotted here.

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