Dolphin House (Sha’ab Samadai Reef) Dive Site

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This dive site is a very good dive site and it is well named, as the reef is home to about 200 spinner dolphins. The dolphins have been in the area for a long time as the reef provides protection from predators and it shelters them from currents. Given their long residency here, they are now very familiar with humans and they are not frightened off by snorkelers or divers.

The reef has a maximum depth of around 30 meters but the shallowest point is at about 2 meters. The calm conditions and shallow depth mean that the site is suitable for all dive levels.

Whilst the group of dolphins are normally in the area, there is no guarantee that they will be seen on every dive. For this reason, it is advisable to dive more than once to ensure you see these amazing creatures.

Besides from the dolphins, the reef has some interesting landscapes such as pinnacles, crevices, and some swim throughs. The reef also has a drop off wall, which has many nooks and crannies that can be investigated. There are many other marine species here including the occasional turtle or reef shark. More common are large schools of fusiliers, goatfish, and snapper that circle around the reef.

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