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The Dunraven Wreck is a well-known dive site in the Red Sea and is very popular as an exploration wreck dive. This 78 meter long wreck was sunk in 1876, and the last 140 years or so have allowed for many corals to take over the boat. The boat lies in two split parts, both of which can be explored and penetrated. The former British steamer now lies at a depth of 28 meters and was on a journey back from India carrying timber, cotton, and spices.

Most of the boat was stripped in the 1980s by divers, and so it is very much like two hollow frames or caves. Divers can still explore many parts of the wreck including the propeller in the northern part of the wreck, and the engine room. Only experienced wreck divers should enter this section of the boat.

Much of the outer frame is covered with corals and divers can spot pipefish, nudibranchs, batfish, and rarely ghost pipefish. Many parts of the hollow parts of the wreck are now completely filled with glassfish that get protection from predators. A nearby reef is largely made up of brain coral and has many scorpion fish, lionfish, and Napoleon wrasse.

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