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Elphinstone Reef is one of the most popular dive sites in the Red Sea. The reef is an easily accessible, sure-fire way to get your adrenaline pumping. With regular sightings of white tip reef sharks, hammerheads, and even tiger sharks all in the same location, divers will not regret a visit to Elphinstone.

Best reached by boat ride from the shores of Marsa Alam, the oval or finger-shaped reef consists of a steep wall that makes for superb drift diving. At only 300 metres long and less than 40 metres wide, Elphinstone Reef offers an impressive variety of marine life for a small reef. The southern plateau spoils divers with an enormous cave for exploring, whereas the northern plateau is the place to head for the shark encounters. If you’re looking to spot white tip sharks in particular, you should plan a visit to this Egyptian reef between October and December. For manta ray sightings, plan a trip between May and August. The strong and varying currents make this dive suitable only for experienced drift divers.

Colourful fan corals, anthias and myriad fusiliers contribute to a vivid dive that may even offer a dolphin encounter or a sighting of giant lurking barracudas and moray eels.

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