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Kingston Wreck is a fantastic wreck dive in the Red Sea, offering divers the chance to explore this large boat and see many types of marine life. Sunk in 1881, Kingston wreck is found alongside Shag Rock in the Red Sea. It was a 78-meter long boat that now lies at around 15 meters and is mostly still intact. Currents can be strong and so most divers complete the dive as a drift dive. It is possible to penetrate the main hull as it is largely open and it is fairly shallow. There are a number of swim throughs that go along the deck and divers exploring these areas can find the spare propeller that is in the middle of the deck as well as two large boilers that are towards the stern of the boat.

The outside of the wreck is covered in hard corals and around the frame; divers can find many damselfish, anthias, groupers, surgeonfish, and angelfish. Larger fish also congregate here including schools of Napoleon Wrasse, occasionally some sweetlips, and yellow snapper.

There is a reef nearby and so after exploring the wreck, divers can let the drift take them along the slope of the reef to have a look at the blue lined snappers and yellowtail goatfish that are found in large schools here. Divers can also explore the many coral fields and table corals that make up this reef.

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