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Magic Rock is an astounding natural dive site that gets its name from the single rock in the area that is magically full of life. Filled to the brim with corals rising from a sandy bottom, home to a plethora of colourful critters, this once used to be merely a single bommie with large numbers of critters living on it. A season of El Niño, caused the temperatures to rise, killing off the life on the top of the coral head, and sadly, this has not yet recovered. The dive site is now used by divers as an exploration dive as there is a large sandy plain, a sloping wall, and, of course, the rock, to explore.

Magic Rock is diveable year round with the average water temperature ranging from 25-27C/82-88F and the air temperature ranging from 29-32C/95-104F throughout the year. The maximum depth of this site is 40 metres with an average visibility of 10 metres, and mild currents, perfect for all diver levels.

It consists of a reef, rock formations, and a sandy bottom. The sandy bottom is not that inhabited but divers can usually spot some wonderpuses, frogfish, and wasp fish hiding along the bottom. There is an abundance of marine life throughout the area, including devilfish, leaf fish, sweepers, pearl eyed moral eels, and ribbon eels. At 10 metres, divers can find patches of coral heads as well as patches of reef. In these shallows, there is a high chance of spotting quite large cuttlefish as they majestically swim around.

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