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Unlike other mangrove areas, which are normally silty and so have murky water, this site has incredibly clear water and so provides divers with a chance to explore the mangroves. This makes the site a unique and fascinating dive site found in the southern part of Raja Ampat. The mangroves grow in clusters and are referred to as islands, with shallow waterways in between each one.

The dive site is a shallow site not going below 10 metres and is good for all level of divers. There are many soft corals with many different vibrant colours, and there are sea grass beds. There are also some shallow coral reefs with table corals and bommies to be explored.

It is a well-known spot for underwater photographers because the mangroves create some unusual and fantastic wide angled photos that are not found elsewhere. The light shining through the mangroves and corals provides dramatic and beautiful scenery with the marine life adding to the picture.

The mangrove islands create a refuge for many marine animals including saltwater crocodiles. Divers should only visit the area with a trained and experienced dive master who knows the area and who is aware of the dangers these animals. If divers take precautions then the dive can be relatively safe.

There is macro life in abundance that can be spotted throughout the area. Divers can spot crocodile fish that emulates the larger animals, scorpion fish, and moral eels.

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