It is famous for its vertical wall as well as the considerable cave within this wall.

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It has been said that this site is named because of the large numbers of long whip coral in the sloping wall that resemble the strings of a Mandolin.

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One of the most amazing dive sites in Bunaken National Park, Likuan is made up of three separate dive sites.

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Fukui Point is a favorite dive site featuring amazing hard corals on a sandy slope.

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In the local language, Bahasa Indonesian, Celah means crack and Celah Celah is translated as cracks.

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Bunaken Timur is a fantastic coral wall dive and the best dive site in Bunaken island.

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Alung Banua features a wall and several small caves which are home to interesting leaf fishes and frog fishes.

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Mike’s Point gets its name from Mike Severns, the well-known diving photographer who spent many hours diving this site.

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