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As its name sounds, the whole reef is covered in beautiful, pink, purple, blue, lavender, burgandy soft corals. Multitudes of glass fish amongst the plush royal carpets. Oranges and Golds of the Anthias so bright against the soft pink-blue hazy backdrop. Warm, soft and fluffy descriptives spring to mind when trying to conjure up a written image of this reef.


Approximately 300m northwest of Inner Mpunguti Island.


Generally clear and calm, with little current present during the diving season. Also diveable in fair weather during the rainy season.

Nearby dive sites

Kinondo, Galu and Tiwi Reefs are less dramatic but still very beautiful and coral is in good condition.

Kinondo Reef

On Kinondo Reef you can spot Red Tooth Triggerfish, sometimes hundreds of them. Why they are in such proliferation on this particular reef, one can only guess. You’ll see them in black, yellow, white, purple and green.

Tiwi Reef

Tiwi Reef is the prettiest dive on the Tiwi Beach stretch but visibility can often be affected by the outflow of the river as it is situated in the channel.

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Scenic unspoilt reef with stunning blue soft coral.

The top of the reef lies at a shallow 3m (10ft) on the island side and inclines down to the ...

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