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This fantastic Red Sea Wreck allows divers to complete some very deep dives. The Rosalie Moller Wreck was a coal ship that sank during the Second World War. It is 110 meters long and has ended up at a depth of 50 meters, leaving it accessible only to experienced divers. The wreck is in good condition and has many areas that can be explored. There are also many different marine species that can be seen and this makes for a very interesting dive. Given the depth and the size of the wreck, divers should try to spend more than one dive exploring the wreck and ideally, several visits should be made to get a good look at the boat.

On the port side or left side of the boat, divers can see the bomb blast from the German aircraft that destroyed the boat. Divers can also see the galley, the engine room, the collapsed funnel, and the engineer’s room. The lifeboat deck then descends further down to the rudder and propeller of the wreck. This goes down to 50 meters whilst the deck is at a depth of 32 meters.

Inside the various rooms, divers will find the many cardinal fish, as well as glassfish, juvenile fusiliers and yellowtail barracuda who congregate on the deck. Trevally and tuna are also found on and around the decking, hunting for the smaller fish on the wreck.

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