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This is a very good wreck dive that needs to be undertaken with great respect and treated as a memorial site. Although this sounds like a drift dive, the Salem Express is a wreck of a ferry that sunk in the area in 1991. The ship is thought to have sunk as it was overloaded after returning with pilgrims from Mecca.

Divers must take great care when diving this wreck, as they must pay respects to the people who lost their lives when the ferry sank. Penetration is forbidden for this reason as well and divers should treat the dive site as though visiting a cemetery.

The boat lies at around 12 to 30 meters and the area does not have much strong current making it a relatively calm dive.

On the outside, divers can see the huge propellers, the funnels with a large S marking the logo of the Samatour Company who owned the ship, and the large name of the boat on the bow. The anchors are also visible and they are still in position ready to be launched. The life rafts can still be seen on the bottom of the seabed. The top deck can be investigated, and as the shop is on its side, all of the chairs are up against the windows on the left side or port side.

Although the wreck is relatively new, there are already some sponges and coral that have started to colonise the wreck. They have brought marine life to the wreck including parrotfish, and banded pipefish.

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