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Considered to be of the finest dive sites in this area, ‘Temple of the sea’ is a cluster of huge boulders tumbling down to depths of 25-30m, which can be reached in about 30 mins by boat from the North-West side of Kecil Island. Depending on the season, viz can be very good, up to 15m. Classed as a deep dive, and suitable for experienced divers, there is a fabulous profusion of marine life, macro creatures, flora and fauna living and growing on granite rocks and pinnacles, and several tunnels, swim-throughs, caves and crevices to explore.

The upper pinnacles are covered in vibrant soft corals, sea anemones and barrel sponges, with hundreds of crustaceans like crabs and honeycomb oysters and also find alabaster sea cucumbers clinging to them, see colourful pufferfish, blue-ringed angelfish, boxfish and pink anemonefish in the corals, as hundreds of yellowtail snapper’s swim in perfect formations around you.

Descending to the base, a breath-taking scenery of beautiful white, green and blue sea fans, black corals, soft tree corals, harp corals and stinging hydroids (or Fireweed) appears all over the boulders, along with more macro creatures and pretty butterfly fish, damselfish, batfish and parrotfish, along with schools of trevallies, snappers, jacks, angelfish, giant pufferfish, small eels, fusiliers, and even nurse sharks.

Large pelagics are often spotted hunting here in big schools, such as tuna, barracudas, white-eyed moray eels, hawksbill turtles and blue-spotted rays, and you may see a few bamboo sharks hiding amongst the rocky crevices.

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