Papua New Guinea is a land of mystery, unique cultural experiences and an unbelievable underwater scene set right in the heart of the Coral Triangle. It offers some of the best diving in the world and boasts incredible marine biodiversity.

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Great diving is available for every level of diver at Yap. With plenty of turtle, manta ray and shark sightings and new sites being discovered on a regular basis, Yap dive sites are also gaining popularity with macro divers who enjoy sightings of pipefish and brightly coloured mandarin fish.

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With over 60 wrecks from World War Two, Truk Lagoon is certainly a contender for the title of the world’s best wreck diving spot. Some of these vessels now sit at depths of between 30 and 45 metres, but all offer an impressive variety of marine species together with well-preserved and historically-significant wreck sites.

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Palau is an amazing diving destination that offers some exceptional experiences. Jellyfish Lake is definitely one for the bucket list, where divers can be completely surrounded by hundreds of harmless jellyfish. Underwater caverns, WW2 wrecks and drift dives through the channel are all popular choices, with the latter boasting shark and manta rays sightings.

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Micronesia is home to an abundance of pristine reefs teaming with underwater life. There are also a number of wrecks in the area that are well worth the trip.

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The Seychelles offers warm, welcoming waters and a variety of dive sites suited for every diving level. Set in the heart of the Indian Ocean, the chain of islands that make up the Seychelles is unlikely to disappoint and is sure to offer fantastic diving. Many choose to explore the area by boat.

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Besides offering spectacular scenery over the surface, divers can also find amazing sceneries below the surface consisting of an abundant marine life. Despite the recent…

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Despite the absence of the high quality diving sites found on the northern side of Koh Tao, Koh Samui does have some unspoilt diving sites…

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Although Chumphon is a little known diving spot; its boasts 50 islands with unlimited options for diving. It has an abundant marine life, swimthroughs and…

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The absence of seasons makes Pattaya an ideal diving destination over the other diving sites in Thailand. Pattaya does not have any monsoon season and…

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Although other areas have suffered from tourism and mass development in Thailand, “Koh Chang” has managed to survive while others suffered. It comes as quite…

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The Island of Pulau Aur is situated on the southern side of Tioman Island and is approximately 70 km off Mersing’s coast. Large Pristine Coral…

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Situated between Tioman and Redang, Tenggol is a tiny island which is located 20 kilometers off the east coast. Wall diving is a major attraction…

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Bidong Islands consists of a lot of unexplored and non-commercialized diving sites. Until 1999, this site was used as a refugee camp for Vietnamese people…

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The popularity of Redang as a diving destination is gaining momentum. Its waters are ideal for the growth of coral and different varieties of soft…

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There are lots of diving sites in the vicinity of the Pangkor, a holiday island. However, this island is well suited for free diving and…

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This small island of Jarak is uninhabited and lies 60km off the Island of Pangkor. Diving is popular between the months of November and March…

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The Sembilan Islands are located 25 km off Pulau Pangkor’s coast (“Sembilan” means “9 islands” and the term have been derived from “Similan”, the famous…

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Located 13km west of the Pulau Payar, this small island has steep rocky terrains with depths of twenty meters. The island contains an abundant collection…

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On the Southern part of this island there are 7 confiscated and sunken fishing boats, which have been converted into an artificial reef. These wrecks…

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Panoramic Coral Gardens, steep canyons and certain crevices dropping to around eighteen meters can be found on the Pulau Payar’s southwestern tip. Pufferfish, lionfish, morays…

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Another tiny island with a couple of good spots called South Reef and The Rock. The latter can be good for Hawksbill turtle sightings and…

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This smaller island to the south has a number of good locations around it where leopard sharks can be found. There are also trigger fish…

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“Pulau Sapi” is a small island having a jetty with a sandy patch, which often reveals the gobys, cuttlefish and flounders. Another nice diving site…

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Being the largest amongst the 5 islands, Pulau Gaya has a lot of sheltered bays with coral gardens accommodating all types of sting rays and…

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The best dive site around this island is Mid Reef. This submerged reef consists of several types of hard coral, sponges and anemones. Fish life…

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Sabah is remarkably renowned as Malaysia’s best scuba diving paradise. At Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, three scuba diving islands were widely famous because of its world…

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Some of the best muck diving opportunities can be found on Manado Bay’s iconic black sandy slopes. Critters such as the ghost pipe fish, frog fish and flamboyant cuttlefish can all be seen as well as the lesser spotted mimic octopus and sea horses.

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Alor is home to magnificent scenery both above and below the water’s surface. Although currents can be strong, divers are rewarded with incredible underwater diversity including rare and interesting macro life sightings set amongst amazing coral reefs.

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Although internationally, it is not quite famous as a diving destination, it does have a good location based amongst the junction of Asian submarine ridge…

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Situated towards the northwestern side of Sumatra; the space between this island and the reef encircled island of Pulau Rubiah consists of a 350m wide…

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Although the visibility around Sumatra is quite similar to the ones found in Indonesia; the rich marine life and its nearness to Singapore compensate for…

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The well-protected sites located in Horseshoe Bay off of Rinca Island are home to nutrient-dense currents and thus a wonderful variety of marine animals call this area home. The varied underwater landscape is just as impressive as the underwater life.

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Although rarely visited, this island located on the southern side of Komodo provides some awesome diving options. The diving sites of Marlin Rock and Magic…

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Sumbawa is a jagged island in Nusa Tenggara lying between Komodo and Lombok. It includes a lot of twisted and protruding peninsulas that form a…

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Located towards the eastern side of Bali, Lombok offers diving options for divers of all levels. Gili Island is where most of the diving is…

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Besides having vigorous volcanic activities, Java is also the most densely inhabited island in Indonesia. Krakatoa is located towards the west of Java and it…

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Although fairly secluded and rather difficult to reach, Kalimantan is unlikely to disappoint even the most difficult-to-please diver. With excellent muck diving and drift diving opportunities, the area is also famous for the presence of Kakaban’s jelly fish that doesn’t sting. Manta rays and large pelagic fish are regular sightings too.

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If you’ve always wanted to dive with hammerhead sharks, visiting Cabilao Island between the months of December and June is likely to get that item ticked off your diving bucket list rather quickly.

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Apo Reef is known for its sheer and beautiful drop-offs as well as great resident marine life. Turtles, groupers and barracuda all call this area home and can often be seen hiding under the overhangs or gliding through the beautiful coral gardens. Located within the Mindoro Strait, divers will also be treated to a multitude of schooling pelagic species.

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Exciting dive experiences abound near Cebu City! Some of the most popular sites in the Visayas including Alona Beach, Moalboal and Dumaguete can be accessed from this spot of paradise in the Philippines.

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With an interesting name comes an even more interesting diving location. Siquijor Island in the Philippines boasts plenty of macro life ideal for underwater photographers, and the diving is only enhanced when embarking on a memorable night dive.

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A top choice for many divers, Dumaguete boasts great macro diving opportunities with plenty of critters to be seen. Above the water’s surface, the area is home to welcoming local people and sensibly-priced resort accommodation.

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Moalboal is a site that has something for everyone. From caves that look like cathedrals to dramatic walls and pristine coral reefs, this site lies within the Cebu province of the Philippines. Macro divers and underwater photographers will be pleased to hear of the chance to spot frogfish, pygmy seahorses and even ghost pipefish if one looks carefully enough.

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Palawan presents a spectacular underwater landscape complete with beautiful atolls covered in a great variety of corals. The fringing reefs are teaming with life just waiting to be visited by avid divers.

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Diving in Sudan is great.

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Diving in United States is great.

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Diving in Sri Lanka is great.

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Diving in South America is great.

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Diving in Polynesia is great.

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