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Located towards the north of Timor and the east of Flores; lies the islands of Pura and Alor. As they are not that renowned as a diving destination; they receive few liveaboards. However, divers can have an amazing experience provided that they do so in the appropriate time of the year. Cold water flows through the islands along the narrow straits which also causes large currents. This area also attracts a lot of big fish; such as, dog-toothed tuna, sharks, monster groupers and barracudas. The absence of any resorts due to this area’s remoteness; makes it more appealing to the divers.

Alor Dive Sites

Numerous other diving sites between Payar island and the western coast of Alor are present. Divers can also find a wide array of coral reefs along with varying pinnacle, seamounts, caves, and a wide variety of walls. This area is also surrounded by rocky areas that are covered with various types of corals. The area is frequented by big pelagic as well as small marine critters.

Dive Sites Reviews in Alor

Divers will be stunned by how many they are and the surface area of these fish is staggering. The dive ...

Liveaboard Reviews in Alor

The MSY Arenui is a luxury boutique liveaboard offering a five star service.

The MSY Aurora liveaboard is a traditional vessel featuring all the modern comfort.

The MSV Amira Liveaboard offers fantastic adventures around Raja Ampat, Komodo, Alor and the Banda Sea.

The Blue Manta Liveaboard is a spacious ship designed to deliver a comfortable Indonesian diving experience.

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