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Interacting with Whale Sharks, known locally as Butanding with the scientific name of Rhincodon typus, is the embodiment of marine life encounters – an experience that no one should ever miss. The mere sizes of these fishes will jumpstart your adrenaline.

Near the Sorsogon Province of Donsol, there is a unique opportunity to witness and interact with a maximum of 20 whale sharks at one time. Because of this, Donsol is now known as the “Whale Shark Capital” in the whole world.

Worthy of being called the gentle giants and recognized as the largest fish in the planet, these 5-15 meters long creatures wander the waters of Donsol from the months of October and November and peaking in February up to May. These giants are rare and can only be seen in great places such as Donsol. These creatures are friendly and like to play and interact with humans as they swim in a close proximity from the beach. These large fishes are filter feeders. Donsol is a small coastal municipality which can be reached by just a fifty-five minute flight from Manila to Legaspi plus a forty-five to sixty minutes road travel.

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