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Accommodation at Camp Wadi Lahami. Diving almost like it used to be in the old days before mass dive tourism hit the Red Sea.

From the camp you can explore the many offshore islands, ‘habillies’ and ‘ergs’ of the Shoal. These include known reefs – Erg Abu Diab, Sha’b Mansour, Galawa, Sataya (Dolphin Reef) and Claudia Reef – as well as many unnamed and newly discovered reefs which have yet to be put on the charts. These offshore islands and chain-reefs have very rich marine life, and pelagics such as jacks, tuna, sharks and rays are cruising visitors. The hard corals that make up the reef topography of Fury Shoal are believed to be the best in the world. This remote area still offers a great sense of exploration and discovery.

The diving from this is a first in the Red Sea as the dives are conducted from fast RIBs (as opposed to the more traditional hard boats) which have been specially designed to access Fury Shoal 6 miles offshore as quickly and comfortably as possible. The RIBs carry 8-10 divers and there are currently 3 RIBs at the Camp. Divers have the freedom to chose when they dive.

Dive Camp Wadi Lahami is located just above Ras Banas called Wadi Lahami. This remote bay is 100km south of Marsa Nakari and is superbly located directly opposite the multitude of offshore reefs collectively known as Fury Shoal. From there Oonas Divers is able to offer an absolutely unique dive concept: unlimited boat dives from a shore based operation in a unique desert environment.

This is a great opportunity to dive ‘deep south’ sites whilst having the freedom and flexibility of being land based. This safari is for adventurous divers seeking the opportunity to discover pristine reefs, living in a ‘close to nature’ expedition environment.

When to Visit Wadi Lahami

The Red Sea can be dived year round….

Getting to Wadi Lahami

Fly to London first and then take a charter return flight each Friday Gatwick/Hurghada/Gatwick. You will be met at Hurghada airport for the 6 hour transfer to the camp.

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