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Sudan lies to the south of Egypt and it's coast and offshore reefs have an extremely active marine environment.

The complexities of arranging a dive trip to Sudan ensure that divers enjoy virtual isolation on these reef. Port Sudan is the departure point for all diving in the region.

Sudan's reefs are a riot of color. Soft coral forests exists side by side with intricate growths of innumerable hard coral species while elsewhere, sheer coral walls carpeted in vivid soft corals plunge to abyssal depths. The reefs are blanketed with fish of every description, from tiny clownfish to bannerfish. Off the reef, barracuda compete for your attention with dolphins and gray reef, nurse, silvertip, silky, tiger and hammerhead sharks, as well as eagle rays and pilot whales.

Sudan offers a seascape which is unquestionably one of the most beautiful and complete in the world. Shab Suadi and the wreck "Blue Bell" a ship loaded with Japanese cars of all sorts, The south point of Shab Rumi where Jaques Cousteau´s research station "Precontinent II" still sits intact on the bottom of the sea. Here you can find the finest that the underwater world has to offer.

Sanganeb Reef, with its large lighthouse, linked to the water by a long catwalk, is an eldorado for UW photographers, since it is unlikely that one can find a more colourful and lively place to dive anywhere in th Red Sea. You can spend days or even weeks at this site exploring the great diversity of the areas natural bounty. Wingate Reef, the playground of manta rays. Sawakin with its 30 islands are inhabited by many birds but also a fantastic dive location that can be visited if the weather allows.

Umbria Wreck
The wreck "Umbria" has a cargo of 360.000 bombs which makes the exploring of the wreck still more exciting. The "Umbria" is one of the most famous sunken ships in the world. Lying in the shelter of Wingate Reef, just outside Port Sudan and largely unaffected by currents and tides, it is within easy reach of Port Sudan harbor. The lies at an angle on her port side with her starboard davits breaking the surface. At a maximum depth of 36m (118ft), the Umbria is shallow by most wreck divers' standards. Snorkelers will be able to explore much of the wreck's upper area while scuba divers will benefit from the extended bottom time possible on the ship's shallower sections. With plenty of light and good visibility, entering most of the ship is easy. The hull itself is completely intact, if heavily encrusted with marine life, and can be explored internally and externally along its entire length.

Other famous dive sites in Sudan are Conshelf/Precontinent II, Sanganeb, Shab Rumi, Abington and Angarosh.

You can see all the common reef fishes from Egypt such as blue spotted sting ray, red tooth trigger fish, titan trigger fish, white tipped reef sharks, masked butterfly fish and two banded anmonfish, but the fish are larger and they have more of them in Sudan. You will also find manta rays and all the larger pelagics.

Emperor Divers

Emperor Divers
Don Questo

It is hotter here than in the Egyptian part of the Red Sea. The water temperature hovers around 27 degrees centigrade (81F) versus 24C up North. The surface water temperature is sometimes as high as 38C (100F). The air temperature is 35C (95 F) or more, highest in Port Sudan where it can soar up to 48C (118 F) in the shade and 64C (147F) in the sun!

There are now a small fleet of boats in Port Sudan, offering dive charters from October to June in this part of the Red Sea. Several boats in Sinai also make extended trips to Sudan, and an international airport has been built to serve the area.

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