Perhentian Islands Travel Guide

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Terengganu, a state close to the Thai border, boasts one of its hottest spots, the Perhentian Islands, which comprises a small group of stunning islands bordered with plenty of corals. The islands can be found resting near of North Eastern Malaysia’s coastline. Perhentian, which is pronounced as perhen-tee-ahn, is a Malay term for a ‘place to stop.’

Perhentian is mainly comprised with two islands, namely, the Perhentian Kecil and the Perhentian Basar. Situated off to Kecil is a cluster of isolated islands – the Rawe, Susu Dara, and Seringgi. Certain activities such as collecting of corals as well as fishing, which could violate policies that govern the protected marine park, are strictly prohibited to preserve its rich marine ecosystem.

A trip to the islands is best experienced during the months of mid February towards late October. The resorts and hotels, however, are temporary closed outside this period due to the rough conditions of the sea. Travelling options are available to reach the island – from Kuala Besut, one can either ride a slow boat which takes a 2-hour trip, or traverse the seas for 30 minutes by speed boat. The impressive diving facilities within the island attract many divers around the globe. Oceans that surround the islands nurture huge schools of fish, plenty of corals, different species of sharks, and sea turtles as well. The island also provides access to some of its famous nearby dive sites, such as the Pinnacle (Tokong Laut). Snorkeling around the islands fulfills a great water adventure with snorkeling gears available for rent at the resorts. Pathways within the area link the nearby beaches extending from Long Beach to Coray Bay where large spiders, big monitor lizards, as well as monkeys can be seen along the way.

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