Israel is a very popular destination for those who enjoy art, culture and history as it has the highest density of museums in the world….

With just 173 kilometers of coastline stretching from point San Agustin in Davao Oriental to the north to Don Marcelino in Davao del Sur on the South, the Davao Gulf is home to numerous marine mammals, sea turtles, pelagic fishes, coral reefs and countless other denizens of the deep.

Puerto Rico is not a popular diving destination like some of its Caribbean neighbors but I had never been there and it is always great to get the opportunity to explore a new destination.

Jabuka lies some 70 km northwest of the island of Vis, off the coast of Dalmatia in Southern Croatia.

Situated 110 miles north of Caracas and 100 miles east of Bonaire, the isolated archipelago of Los Roques is the Caribbean’s is an ideal place for a true diving adventure.