Bangka Island: The Island That Never Stops Fascinating You

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Eastern part of Indonesia is a place you must visit if you want to experience the real beauty of Indonesia. Its unspoilt natural beauty, richness in land and sea biodiversity never stops attracting visitors from all over the world. Bangka Island is an island that poses natural beauty of Indonesia’s Eastern part. Located off the coast of North Sulawesi, Bangka is actually a group of island consisting Bangka Island itself, Gangga and Talise. This area is one of the best dive destinations that attracts divers from all over the globe. Almost all of sea creatures can be found here, from Napoleon fish to white and black tip reef sharks;  even you can see whales or dolphins sometimes. On the land, there are various exotic mammals and birds such as the tarsius and the maleo birds.

To reach Bangka Island, you can use a combination of car and boat. You can have your transfers arranged from the airport by most resorts. There is a public boat that departs daily, except Sunday at around 4 pm from Likupang.

What you can do there? The answer is simple: Dive, dive and dive again. From the diving centers in Bangka Island, you can explore the neighboring areas such as world-class Bunaken and Lembeh Strait. Here are some recommended diving centers in Bangka Island you can choose:

Mimpi Indah Resort

Mimpi Indah (in English, the expression means ‘sweet dream’) is ready to give you the best diving experience which is not only in your dream. The resort is built based in eco-friendly principles which can be seen from the main materials: bamboo and coconut wood.

You can go diving throughout North Sulawesi with this resort. What if you are a newbie? No worries as this resort also offers diving course, ranging from beginners to advance level. For those who want to take specialized course, Mimpi Indah resort also offers a wide range of course, from Reef Conservation, Emergency to Underwater Videographer! Sounds great, right?

The price for accommodation starts from 49 Euro to 64 Euro. This resort also has a numerous of attractive dive packages, from 1 dive ( 30 Euro ) to 30 dives (25 Euro) and the price is per person.

Bangka Lagoon Diving and Nature Resort

Its diving center, Gecko Dive Center is one of the best diving centers in Bangka Island as besided giving you the opportunity to explore Bangka, Bunaken and Lembeh, this center also helps organize your package based on your request and scuba experience. For example, you can ask for 1-3 days in Bunaken, or 4 days in Bangka or 1-2 days in Lembeh. All of which can include scuba diving activities as often as requested. You can contact them via email with your personal request.

The price for a room is 42 Euro (double) and 54 Euro (single). Extra bed for children up to 6 years old is free, while for children from 6 to 12, the price is 18 euro. In addition to diving and snorkeling packages and courses, this resort also has island and discovery tours that cannot be missed.

Murex Dive Resort

The diving pioneer, this resort has much to offer. However, not all equipments are complete for rent, so please tell them in advance what you need before you go diving. There are some attractive tour packages for both divers and non divers. For divers, the price starts from 275 Euro for 4 days to 570 Euro for 7 days. While for non divers, the price starts from 145 Euro for 4 days to 270 Euro for 7 days.

So, let us explore the enchanting Bunaken and Lembeh Strait from the magnificent Bangka. Happy diving!

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