Cave Diving

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Cave diving is a well-kept secret among an elite group of individuals. Only disclosing the details to a select few. Let all the others be bothered by the noise and fight traffic on their vacation. For a more rewarding journey, explore the hidden wonders underground. Everyone thinks the beauties are on the beach when the true beauty is down deep! If you feel compelled to make the jump, you will join an honoured family of chosen divers.

One of the most important requirements of a safe cave diver is awareness. During cave diving classes and in the water- you will face challenges of multi-tasking called task loading. In cave dives, you are responsible to track gas pressure, run reels, carry a light, stay afloat, swim, and watch out for your dive buddies. Sometimes all at once!

Cave divers must always know the location of the line, the exit, their buddy, and scuba gear. You will learn to develop muscle memory through repetition and practice. Tasks such as running a reel will be practiced throughout your dive training. The point is to make the task become second nature. The majority of the techniques once mastered, will free flow without your total concentration.

These abilities must be under control before cave diving – buoyancy, body positioning, breathing patterns, and your emotions.

The gravest danger to a cave diver is becoming complacent. Never take for granted that you are a visitor to this wonderland. The law of nature plays by its own set of rules. It will grant you an awesome view but do not let your guard down. Be prepared, stay alert, and watch out for your fellow divers.

Dive planning is an essential part prior to cave exploration. Detailed plans insure every diver knows what is expected of them. You can experience many transitions during the course of cave diving. Teamwork is necessary to keep up the pace, and deal with any changes. Team members need to be synchronized in important safety measures.


Florida is a visual cave diver’s paradise. The Leon Sinks cave system is the longest underwater explored cave in the United States and fourth longest in the world. It is part of a huge maze, and a critical groundwater source for much of northern Florida.

Cave divers on an incredible twenty-hour expedition proved that underwater systems in Florida are linked. Two cave divers dropped into the cave entrance and dove to a depth of some three hundred feet. They swam through seven miles of underground freshwater cave before resurfacing in Wakulla Springs State Park near Tallahassee, Florida. It took six hours to complete the dive, and fourteen for decompression.


A pair of cave divers found passages in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula that make up the world’s longest underwater cave system. This discovery shows how interconnected the Yucatan’s underground water system is. In their adventure, the divers cruised through soaring caverns large enough to land a jumbo jet. They squeezed through narrow passes by removing their tanks.

Off the sweltering busy highways, you will find a vast number of cool calm springs. The sights underwater are breathtaking. Lucky for you, you will have extra oxygen supplied in your scuba gear! Visibility in many freshwater caves measures hundreds of feet, clearer than any ocean water. Cave diving permits you to witness geological formations that are 350 million years old! Let us see Disney compete with that!

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