Dive In The Magical Island of Komodo

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Have you ever wished to have an adventure in a magical island where magical creatures lives? Well, stop wishing and imagining, because that magical island is exists. You can have the adventure that you ever dreamed of in Komodo Island, Indonesia.

Komodo Island is a place where there is no exact word can actually describe the beauty of it. It is miraculous, breath taking and magnificent in every single possible way. Together with Amazon Rainforest and River, Jeju Island, Halong Bay, Iguazu Falls, Puerto Princessa Underground River and Table Mountain, Komodo Island had became the new seven wonders of natures that is chosen by people all over the world through a global poll.

Komodo Island is part of East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. It lies between Sumbawa Island to the West and Flores Island to the East. As for the Komodo National Park, it includes three major islands of Komodo, Rinca and Padar, as well as other smaller islands with a total surface area of 1,800 km2.

To get there, you can use a ferry service from Sape, Sumbawa or Labuanbajo, Flores. This ferry service usually drops off passengers on Komodo Island once or twice a week. The Labuanbajo route is more recommended considering the ferries from Sape can be suspended indefinitely due to bad weather. There is no port in the island, so the passengers are usually had to transfer themselves onto small vessels that will take them to the island. It is pretty complicated way to get to the island, but it is totally worth it.

Once you have reached the island, it will captivate you with the beauty of its beaches. One of the most interesting phenomena in Komodo Island is the pink beach. This beach contains beautiful pink sand which is a mixture of white and red sand formed from pieces of amoeboid species named Foraminifera. In this pink beach, there are a great variety of fishes and other species such as leaf scorpion fish, blue ribbon eels, crocodile fish and many more. You can do snorkeling and diving in this beautiful beach.

Komodo National Park is an absolute heaven for all divers from all around the world. Diving in Komodo Island is definitely a thing that you have to put in your bucket list. The national park has so many diving spot that you can visit and explore. You can go to Tanjung Rusa, Toro Oi, Cannibal Rock and many more. You can see various kinds of fishes, including sharks, coral garden, turtles and so many more. Diving in Komodo Island will certainly open our eyes that there are so many beautiful species that lives together with us in our lovely earth that need to be conserved, because earth belongs to every single living thing.

The primary tourist magnetism of Komodo Island is of course the wonderful Komodo Dragon. This creature is the largest living lizard that can reach three meters in lengths and 70 kg in weight. It can run faster than humans, jumping into water, dive and swim also a lot faster than humans. It is a very dangerous, yet very interesting animal.

With those magical things, Komodo Island will be a complete package for all of you that longing for a great life adventure. Prepare yourself for a miraculous beauty and thrilling unexpected experiences.

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