Diving for the Anti-Mainstreams in Lembeh Strait

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Most people dive to see the beautiful colorful fishes, corals and other living creatures that live underwater. But if beautiful and colorful is not really your thing, you can still dive and enjoy the different kind of beauty in Lembeh Strait.

Lembeh Strait is located in Northern Sulawesi, Indonesia. To get there, you should fly to Sam Ratulangi Airport in Manado, then take a taxi or rent a car.  There are a lot of fancy resorts around the strait that will give you their very best services.

Diving in Lembeh Strait will give you an amazing experience that you will never get in other places. This place is very famous for its anti-mainstream diving activity that mostly caused by its unique marine biodiversity that live underneath this beautiful place. This place will probably make us realize that beauty is not always identical with cute and colorful. Unique-shaped sea creatures can also be beautiful and breathtaking in their own different way.

You can start your journey with the most famous spot, Hairball. You can meet seahorses and frogfishes here. Moreover, if you are lucky, you can also witness the oddest and the most fascinating sea creatures that swim freely in this site. After that, you can move a little bit to the South to visit Air Prang. This site is the home of varying octopus and frogfish. If want to try the experience of night diving in Lembeh Strait, Air Prang is the right place for you. You will meet bobbit worms, plurobranchs, bobtail squid, large gastropods and snake eels here.

After that, you can go to Goby-A-Crab that lies in the South of Lembeh Strait. If you have no idea how pygmy seahorses, cleaner shrimps, crab eyed gobies, leaf scorpionfish and halimeda ghost pipefish look like, you can go here and start knowing this unique beautiful creatures better. As if it is not enough, you can go to Mawali Wreck to see the huge World War 2 Japanese freighter that lies in her port side. This wreck is now become the home of huge scorpionfish and lionfish.

Walking in the black sand beach can be a fun thing to do after finished observing all those amazing creatures by diving in Lembeh Strait. Lay your back in the sand, make the sand perfectly fit your body, close your eyes and listen to the sound of the nature or maybe start reading your favorite book in the beach. Those things are still amazing and relaxing every time you do it and anywhere you go.

Day diving or night diving in Lembeh Strait will definitely give you an anti-mainstream experience. Go bring your waterproof camera here and start diving around taking pictures of world’s amazing marine creatures that you can ever think of. There are more than 30 diving spots that will give you various kinds of excitement. This place gives the word beautiful a whole new meaning. Lembeh Strait will show you that being unique, weird and uncommon can also make other people love you and adore you.

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