Drift Scuba Diving

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Drift diving is a thrilling activity because with it, one simply drifts with the current and keeps on floating.

If you are not already aware of it, drift diving endows you with a lot of fun. The boat is no securing factor here. Rather, the divers here dive into the water to move with the current. The boat-captain just watches the bubbles of the divers or a dive float that a diver (the divemaster) hauls behind him.

Don’t forget to inform the divemaster if it’s your first drift diving because normally people get unnerved without experience. Chat with other experienced divers on the boat , if the divemaster is indifferent. Usually, seasoned divers would enthusiastically support you.

Facts like your getting down from the boat immediately and then close together rest on the aspect of current. It is better to start your preparation quickly in order to have time to put everything jointly for avoiding the aspect of forgetting something ,for example, turning on your air.

Pre-dive speech of the divemaster is immensely important as it suggests the probable things to meet and also the ways of boarding the boat or getting off from it. Running out of air quickly compared to others might compel you to stop it, while the others carry on their dive.

In case of surfacing early, there are some other measures. Instead of being upset, put up your queries and strive to know the answers to your questions.

It is important that the boat can track the divers and so they need to be a bit close together.

Underwater Drifting

The underwater experience is really superb. You need to hurry in a powerful current and it is exciting, whereas, otherwise you confront a calm dive amongst all the sights. This is often difficult to say unless you are physically there. Look for the divemaster’s opinion about the usual conditions of a particular site, although, currents often change.

You just remain calm and enjoy the experience as the current does everything and lets you float. It’s natural to float with the flow because doing the opposite often forces you to be out of air. Always be conscious about your depth and air.

If you are in front of other divers and want to let them catch you, just stoop behind the reef or in a channel and avoid the current. But, it is better to follow the divemasters as they say so.

In case of dive being finished and divemaster not dragging a float, he would place a surface buoy to let the diveboat know your position. The surface marker lets the boat detect your position. It is of paramount significance in chaotic boat traffic area like in drift diving Cozumel.

The boat then picks the divers up. You can retain the dragline they usually have while waiting to board the boat. Then, get rid of the stuff and your first drift dive is successful, an experience to cherish throughout your lifetime.

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