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Kungkungan Bay may not be as popular as Bunaken. However, the tourists, especially the divers both local and foreign tourists, seem interested to visit Kungkungan Bay because this marine tourism location is perfect for diving. There are beautiful beaches and ocean marine biodiversity premises which are really beautiful when you are diving in Kungkungan Bay.

It would not be difficult to reach Kungkungan Bay. If you are using a private vehicle from the city of Manado, you must head towards Bitung first. This trip can be taken within two hours, followed by a 20-minute trip down the road to the Lembeh Strait. It is far enough and takes mileage but it will be paid by the ethics winding after you have arrived at the location.

One thing that is very unique is that when tourists arrive there, the officials will distribute bread for them. The bread is not for you to eat but it is distributed for snacks to feed the marine fish. The crowd of colorful fish will eat the bread into the typical landscape Kungkungan which is reported not owned by any other resort. Meanwhile, the water is barely wavy as there is no big wave on the sea. It is because of its geography is under the hill. Kungkungan Bay is also flanked by two small islands; Lembe Island and Serena Island. Sea water is calm and clear; making you can easily observe the marine ecosystem such as a blue starfish, yellow tail fish and many more with the naked eye. You will be served by a very charming marine biodiversity in this area. Established in 1995 in cooperation with the city government of Bitung, Kungkungan was built with the concept of underwater tour which will be retained.

There are resorts where you could stay while you are there. To create the private impression, there are 17 bungalows available, which those all are facing the sea. Due to the limited resort, tourists are usually had to book seven day before they come. For domestic tourists, bungalows are rented for between IDR 700.000,- to IDR 900.000,- per day. As for foreign tourists, the price can be twice as expensive to U.S. dollar exchange rate. If you want togo diving in Kungkungan Bay, you will be charged for IDR 180.000,- per hour and IDR 120.000 per hour for snorkeling.

There are at least 38 dive points in a depth of 12 to 15 meters. While you are diving in Kungkungan Bay, you will be accompanied with professional instructors from Eco Divers. The instructors are also acts as a photographer to ensure your underwater tour enshrined. For the convenience of diving, each diver is limited to four people per one instructor.

A variety of marine fish and beautiful coral clusters are typical underwater world in Kungkungan Bay. Even if you are lucky, you may meet rare species such as the pygmy seahorses, hairy frog fish, Ambon scorpion fish and pipe fish to flowers. Have a nice visit in Kungkungan Bay!

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