Exploring Selayar Island: The Unspoiled Beauty You Must See

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Island in South Sulawesi, Indonesia is less popular than the neighboring Bunaken for sure, however, Selayar Island is actually dubbed as the hidden paradise for divers. This enchanting island is rich in biodiversity, both marine and on land, as well as crystal clear water. Selayar Island is the gateway to the Takabonerate ( in Bugis local language, it means “coral pile up the sand”) National Sea Park, the world’s third biggest atoll after the Marshall Islands and Maldives. Even many divers say the diving environment is more beautiful than Bunaken. In addition to the colorful underwater, this island has 40 dive spots suitable for both newbie or expert divers.

You can get there by car from the capital Makassar, but it takes about nine hours. Alternatively, there is a direct flight from Makassar to Selayar, operated by SMAC, an air charter. It takes only 45 minutes by plane.

This island is one of the most terrific diving destinations that starts attracting divers from all over the world. Do you want to know some great divings center in  Selayar Island that helps you arranged your dive trips?

Selayar Island Resort

This small and beautiful resort is equipped with professional dive center. The instructors are PADI certified who are ready to provide what divers need, whether they are beginner or professional divers. Moreover, this resort also provides 12 additional dive spots for day-tours to different atoll.

This resort does not only arrange a tour package for divers, but also for those who want to explore the beautiful land of Selayar. There are lots of activities besides diving and snorkeling you can do, from playing beach volleyball to joining sightseeing tour.

On the West and the East Coast, the rate is Rp. 250.000,- per dive. ­The rate of  Rp. 1.000.000,- is  for 1 transport and local boat (Jolor) minimum 4 persons (East Coast). Jolor itself is a local boat made of wooden material and powered by diesel car engine.

The room’s rate varies from 90 Euro per night for Standard Room (double occupancy) to 190 Euro for Suite Room (double occupancy). Breakfast is included. For single occupancy in room, the charge will be 75 percent of rates.

Selayar Dive Resort

This resort has one of the best diving centers in Selayar Islands. The center itself is in the middle of the resort, full with a complete set of diving equipments. The best thing is they have no fixed dive times as they always try to offer the best time for guests then the guide will choose times in accordance with the moon, respectively the tides. It does not take too long to reach the dive sites.

The price of the resort room includes two-boat dives and unlimited house reef diving per day, accommodation, all meals and welcome drink as well as the government fee for the National Park. Rental gear, apart from tanks and weighs are excluded.

Hope you enjoy your diving with these top diving centers in Selayar Island. Keep in mind that you must not harm the undersea creatures while being underwater. Keep the water clean and of couse, the diving centers participate in encaouraging you to appreciate the beauty of the marine life in Selayar waters.

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