Exploring The Beauty of Karimunjawa

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Indonesia has a lot to offer for diving maniacs as the country is home to several enchanting diving spots. One of the most famous diving spots in Indonesia is Karimunjawa Island. The name may not sound familiar if you only know the most popular in Indonesia is Bali. Karimunjawa is an archipelago consisting of 27 islands in ­the Java Sea,approximately 80 kilometres Northwest of Jepara. This amazing place is rich in sea biodiversity. There are nearly 250 species of reef fish and 100 species of corals thrive under the water and in the hills of the islands, you can find more than 40 species of birds. Actually, there are several tour packages you can choose and there are lots of things to do there;  from taking a diving course for beginners, eco diving or for research.

Are you wondering how to get there? To get to Karimunjawa, you can go to Semarang, the capital of Central Java first, then you can continue your trip to Karimunjawa with a speed boat. It takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes by speed boat to get there. It is recommended that before you include Karimunjawa tour into your list, make sure you check the availability of boat ticket. In addition, you have to be extra careful in the beginning and at the end of the year due to troublesome ocean waves during that time.

As told previously, there are 27 magnificent islands there. Every day you can visit one or two islands and do anything you want there, from diving to swimming, depending on your interest. Not all islands can be reached  by boat, but you still can reach the islands by swimming in the shallow water and let the boat anchored offshore.

One of the best diving and snorkeling spots in Karimunjawa is Cilik Island (Pulau Cilik, or Small Island). Diving in Cilik Islandwill be your best diving moment of your life as you can see a lot of wonderful underwater species here. While diving in Cilik Island, make sure you come and see for yourself as underwater camera is now allowed there.This beautiful island is privately owned. There are some bungalows and a pendopo ( meeting hall), but they are not for rent. No one is around so admission is generally free. Cilik Island is the best place to indulge yourself and relax in a deserted paradise. Diving in Cilik Island will give you the most wonderful underwater experience you have never imagined before.

One of the must-visit islands is Pulau Tengah. Like Cilik Island, Pulau Tengah is also one of the best snorkeling destinations in Karimunjawa. It is home to abundant coral species and more fish can be found there (but no sharks). You can see the male fish approaching you, as if you were told to stay away from its territory. While the female ones are hiding in the sea-nettles below. Pulau Tengah is also privately owned and the difference from Pulau Cilik is, the bungalows in Pulau Tengah are for rent. Enjoy your diving experience in Karimunjawa!

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