History Of Scuba Diving

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Scuba diving has caught the attention of many in our times. Starting as an one off water sport it has generated cumulated interest all over the world. Suddenly you have new groups of divers, trainers, a whole lot of equipment ranges and things connected with scuba diving garnering consumer faith. Given the fact that the popularity of scuba diving as a sport in itself has generated such a lot of enthusiasm all over the world, there is an escalating demand for the gear that has also evolved over the years. Old school scuba diving gear is suddenly in vogue and online bidding sites often advertise the sale of such gear. Steady price hikes thus accompany the increasing demands for this kind of gear.

What we now know to be scuba diving goes back a long way. It has been found out that the Greeks of antiquity engaged in a kind of breath-hold diving as part of their military operations and to hunt sponges. Also the practice of this kind of free diving as it may be called is found on ancient artwork. Finding sea items could be one of the major motives of this sport or activity. Deep water fishing by divers could be another origin to which this modern day sport can be traced back to.

There were other ways in which diving was imagined. Snorkelling with hollow reeds remained limited in its scope as it did not allow drivers a great deal of depth in their ventures underwater. A second form of diving practice would be diving with diving bells which would be air filled sacs lined up on cables. These too had their own short comings as soon the bags of air would be exhaled and would end up retaining a residue of carbon monoxide only. Also the underwater movement of divers was restricted by a need to stay close to the air bags.

Scuba divers had leather for their costumes initially with air pumped into the leather jackets with the help of manual pumps. Then there were metal costumes which could withstand a great amount of pressure and thus the divers could travel further deep into the water. The English and the French were the first ones to think of diving suits.

Paul Bert from France and John Scott Haldane from Scotland in the 19th century proposed the first advances in the technology of scuba diving by devising limits for compressed air diving with water pressure. Around the same time and later, scuba diving apparatus came to include things like scuba regulators, air pumps and other stuff.

In the 20th century we have seen great public awareness in the sport or activity we know as scuba diving. Propelled by new inventions, scuba diving captured popular imagination as a water sport. Swim masks, fins, and similar scuba gear took were made available through the market and beaches all over the world hosted scuba diving facilities for tourists. 1950s would see the emergence of the first rush in scuba diving. With the subsequent design of the wet suit, scuba gear faced a rise in demand and shops started selling them. This would then be a short history of scuba diving which we have chalked for you here.

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