Karangasem: The Other Exotic Side Of Bali

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It has been never enough to explore Bali as this magnificent island has a lot to offer to visitors. From exotic temples to white sandy beaches, Bali always has something to amaze you. Karangasem is one of Bali’s most wonderful tourist spots. This regency is home to Bali’s most famous volcano, Mt.Agung, dubbed as the “Home” of the Balinese gods. The volcano’s last eruption occured in 1963, killing more than a thousand people and leaving peole homeless. On the slopes of Mt.Agung, you can find the most sacred and legendary temple, Besakih Temple. There are 22 other temples in this 3 square kilometers complex.

Besides Besakih Temple, one of the best attractions in Karangasem is Candidasa. If you want to relax and avoid the crowded in Kuta, Candidasa is the best option for you. There, you can see the genuine Balinese culture in the most famous Bali Aga (original Balinese) village. The people there still retain an ancient pre-Majapahit Balinese culture. However, visitors are advised to visit the village in Tenganan as it is easier to reach and and far more welcoming of outsiders. However, Tenganan is closed to visitors after dark.

How to get to Karangasem? You can go by the direct shuttle bus from Kuta that leaves at 9.30 AM (a good way to avoid Denpasar). Alternatively, if you are from Ubud, there is also a shuttle bus that departs at 8.15 AM and 4.00 PM. These buses also provide the return journey.

As there are lots of things to do there, diving is also one of the most favorites activities in this amazing spot. There are some top diving centers in Karangasem that will give you the most exciting diving experience during your holiday in Karangasem:

Bali Bubbles Diving Center

One of the top diving centers in Karangasem, this dive center is an ideal place to start your diving experience and course. Bali Bubbles offers a wide range of courses, from Basic Level Diving Course (ranging from Scuba diving for US$ 105 to Open Water Diver PADI that cost US$ 425) to Specialty Courses. There are various courses offered from Equipment Techniques specialty (US$ 100) to Deepdiving specialty course (US$ 250).

The equipments provided are specially designed for dive centers, so you are sure that this dive center prioritized the safety and comfort for its guests.  In addition, there are several packages you can choose, from intensive diving to packages including accommodation (staying at 4 star hotel Rama Candidasa Resort and Spa). Make sure you check the price list as the prices are subject to change.

Scuba Seraya Resort

The dive center is considered one of the best diving centers in Karangasem, let alone Bali. This resort is PADI resort assocation member, so you fully understand and safety and quality are their priority. The prices of diving course start from Rp. 800.000,- ( Introductory Course) to Nitrox course (Rp. 1.500.000,-). For dive rates, Rp. 300.000,- per person is for Shore Dive and Rp. 420.000,- per person is for Tulamben Region Boat Dive.

This center really gives you the opportunity to explore most of Bali’s enchanting dive sites such as Alamanda, Emerald, Batu Niti and many more.

Deep Blue Tulamben Diving Center

Owned by a Czech, this resort also offers dive course and dive trips, starting from 60 Euro (Amed-Jemeluk Bay/Lipah Bay/Selang Beach/Japanese Shipwreck with 2 dive) to 100 Euro ( Nusa Penida-Mantan Point/Crystal Bay/Gamat Bay/Blue Corner). The best thing is there are some special discounts for night dives, diving without guide and also non divers who take a part on some dive trips.

Enjoy the beauty of Bali underwater and feel the excitement!

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