Lembeh Island: The Paradise You Can’t Miss

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If you go diving in Bunaken, North Sulawesi, make sure you also visit Lembeh Island. Located in Bitung, the second city in the province after Manado, Lembeh Island is one of the most attractive diving spots which displays untouched underwater beauty, unlike the busy Bunaken. In addition is its marine life, consisting of exotic species such as ­colorful nudibrachs, mandarin fish, ghost pipefish, frog fish, rhinopias, shrimp, blue-ringed octopus and rare pygmy seahorses. Therefore, this island is also a perfect spot for underwater photographers.

To get to this beautiful island, you can fly to Manado first then continue your trip to Bitung by car. From the harbor in Bitung, you can take a boat to get to Lembeh Island. Additional info, there are numerous airline services that provide direct flight to Manado from Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

From novices to diving experts, this island has much to offer as there are 30 amazing dive sites. Its colorful fish and coral adds the beauty to this diving spot. That is why you cannot simply forget this perfect paradise.

So, where can you find diving centers in Lembeh Island? Here they are:

NAD Lembeh Resort

Situated in the beautiful Lembeh Strait, this resort has ten rooms and four bungalows that displays eco-friendly design. The rooms are airconditioned, along with free Wi-Fi Internet access in most areas. Last but not least, hot water is also provided in each room.

NAD has a typically daily schedule, starting from light breakfast at 6.30 AM to several dives to night dives. Besides that, there are various dive packages that include meals, hot drinks and water. You can choose the packages based on your preferred accommodation, whether you choose beachfront room or seaview bungalows. The price is more expensive for packages including seaview bungalows.

NAD Lembeh Resort is the winner of Tripadvisor traveller’s choice 2012.

Immanuel’s Dive Center Daniel’s Resort

One of the most experienced diving centers in Lembeh Island. The packages here are quite affordable, from 210 Euro (2 nights per 4 dives per person) to 545  Euro (7 nightsper 17 dives per person). The prices also includes accommodation with meals, free coffee, tea and drinking water, minimum 2 divers (double occupancy), single diver (additional 20 Euro from the price) and transport fee ( day time).

If you prefer not taking the package, the price for full fear diver starts from 27 Euro to 80 Euro per person, and for non gear starts from 30 Euro to 85 Euro. The first aid kit and oxygen are provided in all of their boats.

Two Fish Divers

Another top diving center in Lembeh Island. This center offers personalized service as divers are put in small groups (no more than four guest per guide). You will enjoy the most unforgettable diving experience accompanied by their PADI trained dive guides.  Moreover, the dive center and the resort is right on the beach, making it easier for you to explore the dive sites in Lembeh Strait.

The resort also have a wide range of rooms that suit your budget. So, for backpackers, this resort can an ideal place to rest and enjoy your dives. You can choose the packages including accommodation, from luxury cottage to budget room.

One thing you should keep in mind, do not forget to enjoy underwater photography experience in Lembeh. It is simply unforgettable.

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