Liveaboard Diving in the Bahamas

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Liveaboard Diving in the Bahamas provides the opportunity for some impressive encounters with large pelagic animals that patrol the warm shallow waters of the area. Divers can almost always expect sightings of large groups of sharks and dolphin.


The Bahama island stretches some 750 miles (1,205 km) from Florida to Cuba. These low lying islands are surrounded by deep oceanic trenches.

Grand Bahama is the farthest north, and the Capital, Nassua, is where liveaboards generally depart.

The combination of ocean trenches and the warm Gulf stream water, which pass through this island chain, creates crystal clear waters around the islands where visibility can be excellent. The sea floor is white sandy with a few low-level reefs

Marine Life

The waters of the Bahamas are home to a healthy shark population which includes large numbers of blacktip reef sharks, bull sharks and caribbean reef sharks and nurse sharks, plus occasional hammerhead and tiger sharks.

You can also encounter many resident reef dwellers such as angelfish, grunts and snappers, barracuda, nassau groupers, triggerfish, butterflyfish, spotted eagle rays and loggerhead turtles, to name but a few.

The walls and reefs also have some spectacular sponges and sea fans as well as multiple macro critters.


Water temperature ranges between 78-84°F (25-28°C) during the summer months and between 75–80°F (24-27°C) during the winter. Expect a possible 72°F, (22°C) drop in January. A 3mm wetsuit is recommended.

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