Rebreather for Scuba Diving

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Have you ever gone scuba diving with a friend or family member? Even if you haven’t, you have probably seen the tanks that the divers have to carry with them while swimming so that they are able to breathe underwater. Recently, there is a new device that scuba divers can take with them while in the water. It’s called a rebreather.

What Is a Rebreather?

A rebreather is a small electronic device, though a little bit more expensive, that is much smaller than tank. The advantage of this device is that it is much lighter and much more compact than a tank is. Even though these devices are more costly, they are proving to be much more efficient.

How Does The Rebreather Work?

The rebreather works much different than the normal underwater tank does. The rebreather is able to provide gas that has oxygen as well as recycled gas that is exhaled by the scuba diver. As the diver breathes, the body takes in oxygen and produces carbon dioxide. With this device, the exhaled gas is able to be recirculated so that it can be used over and over. The rebreather is able to absorb carbon dioxide so that the diver does not suffer from carbon dioxide poisoning. Through scrubbing, carbon dioxide is absorbed and oxygen is put in its place. Because the device is able to used previously used air, the rebreather is much easier to carry while diving. The recycling of the air makes the volume of the whole device much less.

Who Invented The Rebreather?

Though the rebreather hasn’t been around for too long, the concept of being able to use previously used oxygen has been around a long time. In 1620, a man named Cornelius Drebbel from England was able to make an oar-powered submarine. As silly as it sounds, studies done on his invention were able to show that the submarine was able to re-oxygenate the air inside of it. Though not done the same was as a rebreather re-oxygenates the air, the concept of using air that has been used for decades.

Getting more into the concept of the rebreather itself, a man named Professor T. Schwann was said to design something similar in 1878 in Belgium. Henry Fleuss is noted for making the first positively known rebreather that was able to store oxygen and also absorb carbon dioxide at the same time. His invention was used to save miners.

What Are The Advantages of a Rebreather?

The biggest advantage is that this device is very economical when it comes to using gas. Another great thing about the rebreather is that it is generally hassle-free. Divers don’t have to worry about carrying big tanks with them to go scuba diving. The rebreather is great because while in use, the diver is only exposed to about 1% of CO2 in the oxygen that is inhaled. The rebreather is also known to be able to produce not as many bubbles. This is great for those who are looking to get close to animals or take picture underwater.

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