The Fascinating Pulisan: What to do there

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Eastern part of Indonesia, such as Sulawesi, Papua and so on have been widely known as the real, unspoiled natural beauty of Indonesia. For divers, East Indonesia is somewhat the last paradise on Earth. Bunaken has been dubbed as the jewelry of Indonesia. Its wonderful marine life attracts divers from all over the world. However, if you are between Bunaken and Lembeh Straits, you will find one of the most wonderful paradises for divers (as well as non divers). The heaven is called Pulisan.

If you want to reach Pulisan, you can get there from the capital of North Sulawesi, Manado. From Manado, you can get to Pulisan by car or public transport from Manado’s Paal Dua bus terminal. It takes about 2 hours by car.

Pulisan now becomes one of diving destination besides the bustling Bunaken. The best thing is there is a diving center in Pulisan that really feeds your hunger as divers. Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort has much to offer for both divers and non divers.

This diving center in Pulisan is ready to take you to amazing 40 dive sites around the dive center. Be prepared to be stunned by its most unusual critters, sponges, coral and a variety of feather stars in Lembeh Strait. Under the water of this strait, you will find some enormous shipwrecks from World War II, which have turned into reefs. No wonder Lembeh Strait is the best spot for underwater photography.

In addition to the thrilling water of Lembeh Strait, some rarely visited dive spots are also equally beautiful, like Batu Mandi and Paradise Jetty. You will be happy exploring the beauty of these sites, accompanied by the center’s professional guide. All the sea creatures are there to attract your attention. This dive center also arranges day trips to world famous Bunaken National Park, with its richness in fish species and coral reefs.

Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort has several tour packages you can choose. From Snorkelling The Offshore Islands (the price starts from 24 Euro per night for family bungalows, double room) to Two Volcanoes Tour that takes you to the most active volcanoes in the island: Mt.Lokon and Mt.Mahawu.  In addition to the volcanoes tour, there is also land tour to Tangkoko National Park Jungle Reserve where you can see some exotic species from kuskus, Malkoha Bird and Tarsier spectrum.

For divers, the most exciting package is, of course, a tour to amazing Bunaken Marine Park. It takes two hours on the boat and this center is ready to take you explore the northernmost coast of the Minahasa peninsula. You will stop at three different location suitable for snorkelling despite being known as the best diving spot. The underwater scene is dazzling, as yo can see hanging masses of corals, angelfish, clown fish and lots of unique under sea species. There is a local restaurant that serves lunch before returning to the resort.

The price for dive starts from 10 Euro (for unguided House Reef Dive) to 520 Euro per person for 20 dives. While for snorkeling, the packages include full day snorkeling trip (25 Euro per person) and Half Day Snorkeling Trip for 20 Euro. All are for 4 persons (minimum). The Joint Snorkeling on the dive boat is 10 Euro per person.

As there are lots of activities you can do there, no wonder this place is considered as the best diving center in Pulisan. Discover the hidden beauty of Sulawesi by visiting this enchanting paradise.

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