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Atlantic Beach & Morehead City, North Carolina. Wreck Diving and Dive Charters to the NC Shipwrecks !!!

Come enjoy the premier diving that the coast of North Carolina has to offer!

Experience the beauty and history of sunken ships on a diver-friendly and professionally staffed dive vessel.

Interact with large marine life such as Atlantic Sand tiger sharks, stingrays, dolphins, and turtles.

The warm waters of the Gulf Stream are home to many exotic fishes, including the indo-pacific lionfish, and also offer abundant opportunities for spear fishing and lobstering.

Photographic and video prospects abound with vast aquatic life and colorful corals found on and around the wrecks.

The Boat

Mutiny II is a converted 44′ Henriques Sport fisher. She boasts one of the largest cockpits and decks of any boat in her class, and offers ample room for gearing up and storage of all the dive gear you’ve ever owned. We’re not asking you to bring all of it, we’re just making a point. Break out the barker loungers for sun worshiping, but be advised that topless sunbathing will elicit cat calls.

The sassy successor to the original Mutiny, the Mutiny II has get up and go! Her power plant is driven by two new Cummins QSC 8.3 diesels throwing out a hefty 500 hp each and capable of pushing her to almost 30 knots. While Mutiny II is one of the fastest dive vessels in Morehead City, we choose to run around 20 knots so she can deliver the most fuel efficient commute possible.

Given the rising price of oil, economy trumps speed most of the time and also helps us keep our charter fees as low as possible. The salon will indulge the most discriminating diver. Two sofas (including a queen sleeper), large television and surround system ensure comfort and function.

The galley includes a 3-burner stove, microwave, and refrigerator guaranteed to entice you to catch, filet, cook, and serve a fresh fish dinner for your deserving crew, perhaps!

The marine head is spacious, as marine heads go, and includes a full shower with hot and cold running water. The V berths are comprised of two double bunks on the bottom with two single bunks on top, offering a cozy refuge for napping or reading while underway.

The flying bridge provides everything that makes this a great dive boat: Captain Al and really cool electronics, including 36 mile radar, dual GPS systems, sonar, autopilot, and digital engine gauges, PLUS an additional sound system.

Passengers are welcome to keep the captain company up top. Seating for six makes it easy, lensglass in sporty weather makes it comfortable, and dolphin and whale watching make it exciting.

Poking the Captain with a stick not allowed.

Dive Sites


A 412 ft. tanker pressed into military service during WWII, the Papoose was torpedoed and sunk on March 18, 1942 by the U-124. Today, it rests upside down in approx. 130 feet of water with relief upwards of 100 feet. This site is a favorite of sand tigers and Indo-Pacific lionfish. Recent speculation has many divers wondering whether the “Papoose” is really the “Hutton” and vice versa.


The W.E. Hutton, 465 ft. long, was another tanker pressed into military service. It too was sunk by the U-124 on March 18, 1942. This wreck lies inshore in approximately 60-70 feet of water.


The Suloide ran aground on the wreckage of the Hutton in 1943 and currently lies inshore in 65 feet of water.


American freighter torpedoed and sunk by the U-158. Lies in approximately 80 ft. of water and is home to
a large population of sand tiger sharks.


218 foot intact German submarine sunk on May 9, 1942 by USCG Cutter Icarus. Currently lying in 113 ft. of water, the U-352 is one of the premier diving spots of the Crystal Coast.


Originally named the Geier, the ship was a 255 ft. long steel hulled cruiser for the German navy. The Geier was at one point interned in Hawaii for 3 years until 1917, at which time the United States entered WWI. At that point, the United States seized the Geier, renamed her the Schurz, and reoutfitted her for the navy. She collided with the SS Florida in June of 1918. This wreck at times is covered by so many bait fish that a diver can actually lose himself inside a bait ball. With so many bait fish around, grouper and amberjack (spear fishing favorites) are always close by. Many rounds of 30 caliber ammunition have been recovered from this site. New laws enacted in the past year prohibit taking any artifacts from any U.S. Naval warship!


A 409 ft. tanker sunk in 1988 as an artificial reef, the Aeolus now lies in three pieces due to hurricanes in 1996. This wreck has a good deal of relief, and also offers frequent encounters with sand tigers. The Aeolus is also a favorite of spear fishermen, as abundant numbers of grouper and flounder make it an easy place to fill your fish bag. However, the presence of sharks patrolling for a free lunch require a bit of caution on the diver’s part. This wreck is also an ideal starting place for those interested in learning penetration diving with a certified instructor.


A former USCG buoy tender sunk as an artificial reef, the Spar lies just 400 ft. from the Aeolus. She is upright and fully intact, and is entering her third season as an underwater home for new marine life. Sea urchins abound on this wreck, so be careful with those hands! Another good wreck for learning penetration diving with a certified instructor.


The Naeco was a 428 ft. tanker torpedoed and sunk by the U-124 on March 23, 1942. She sank in two sections, bow and stern, a couple miles apart. This wreck has a large variety of tropical fish, schools of bait fish, pompano, amberjack, grouper, sandtigers, and was the first wreck to see the indo-pacific lionfish. While the stern section has the highest relief, parts of this wreck exceed the recreational diving limits. Diving the wreck requires near-perfect sea conditions due to the distance offshore, and also has a surcharge to cover the additional fuel costs.

Charter Policies


Regular Day

The price of charters is $600 per day PLUS the cost of whatever fuel is used for that days charter. A “regular” day includes (2) two offshore dives, weather permitting. This package is our original dive service package. Our crew will help you in and out of the water, assist you with any gear or equipment problems if we’re able, answer any questions you have about the dive sites, and generally aid you any way we can. Expect about 100 gls of fuel burn.

Extended Day

“Extended day”. This package includes either 3 dives in our “normal” area OR a trip to the Naeco (or other further south wrecks) & 1 other off shore dive. ( 2 total ) The Naeco and the others are WWII wrecks that are a little father out and therefore visited less frequently. These dives “ALMOST” always results in better viz, warmer temps & siteings of more rare & larger marine life. This is one of the crew’s favorite dives. Spear fishing is prime, tho recently Numerous sharks have been sited here including a large Tiger & a Great White shark! Narcosis was considered til one of the other boats confirmed that they too had seen it. Other marine life including a Manta, reef sharks, black tips sharks, hog snappers, and on & on are seen here regularly. “THIS IS NOT A GURANTEE” but the entire crew & Captain claim this as our favorite dives, so something must be good about it! These are also deeper wrecks and it is possible to exceed recreational limits. These wreck’s are to be approached & planned with EXTREME CAUTION! There is the bow section of the Naeco, the Cassimir, the Normania and the Lobster wreck are other sites that we can visit on the extended day. This charter package accommodates a maximum of 6 divers per USCG regs.

Additional requirements- AOW or higher & a Min. 50 ocean dives and 25 N.C dives. Nitrox or Tri-mix mandatory.

Extended Day Fees – $750 per day PLUS fuel cost. Expect about 125 gls or greater for this long day.


If you’d like to take some of the work and worry out of your diving day, Atlantic Beach will offer up the “ULTIMATE” diving experience. The “Ultimate” dive day is for the most discerning divers. For your additional patronage, we’ll provide breakfast and hot coffee in the morning, switch out your tank between dives while you relax & serve up some lunch. Upon return we’ll take your bottles to Olympus’s fill station, and once you’ve analyzed the contents, we’ll return them to the boat for you.

What’s on the menu? For breakfast, bagels, donuts, pastries, fresh fruit, swine & pre-mature chickens fixed to your liking. For lunch, we’ll grill some hamburgers, hotdogs, or assemble some submarine sandwiches and serve them with plenty of chips and snacks. For those that catch some fish and feel like sharing, we’ll do our best to grill ’em up right. For your ride back to the dock, you’ll be allowed access to the Captains locker, where it’s rumored that kegs of Rum, ale, & mead abound. It’s also rumored to have a blender and fresh fruit for what ever good that’ll do ya??

For the adult beverages, the Kingdom of North Carolina requires that you be 21 years of age, and thus you’ll need to present to us verification of your digits. Just like everywhere else you go, the captain has the right to refuse service to those who are not responsible. We want you to have a great time, but please respect your fellow passengers. Safety is our first priority! This charter is limited to 6 people to ensure as much attention as we can give.

Regular or Extended- in addition to- It’ll cost ya 8 pieces of 8!

For those of you not up on your Pirate currency, thats a $100 bill. ( Includes your nitrox tank fills, food & whatever you find in the locker )

Ultimate Day – $600.00 plus $100 per diver, includes nitrox refills & breakfest/lunch.


Can be arranged but are subject to but not limited to weather, crew and group experience.

Please note that neither of these charters includes tips for the crew. Our divemasters work hard to provide you with the best dive experience possible, so please remember them if they do a good job (they always do, because we only work with the best!).

Refunds for blow outs will be made as quickly as possible, no rain checks here!

Technical charters are available & are limited to the amount of gear required not neccesarily the number of divers. This rate applies to groups of divers chartering the boat for a technical dive, not individuals. We prefer to keep recreational charters and technical charters separate, if at all possible. Please call the Captain to discuss your desires and for pricing.


Fuel Cost

Instead of trying to continually adjust our pricing relevent to our greedy oil company’s needs, we have decided to charge for the boat and whatever the cost of fuel is for that particular day. I like to think it’s a more practical and fair way. This way you are only paying for what is actually used. For example, If we end up doing a shorter destination (ie: Aeolus/Spar or an in-shore dive ) because of weather, experience or choice, YOU save! This way you only pay for what you use.

Here’s a ESTIMATE of what the boat burns per day. It is only an estimate based on experience. Weight, sea conditions, & speed all affect the actual burn rate.

Mutiny II cruises at approx 17 kts at about 25 gls per hr. She has a capacity of 500 gls of fuel.

Tips are not included. Normal tipping of your mates- as you would in a restaurant receiving good service.

Boat Policies

The Mutiny II accomodates a group of 6 divers more than comfortably. U.S.C.G reg.s only allows us 6. The boat is set up to carry and secure every diver with either two tanks or one set of doubles, a pony bottle or deco bottle, one bag of gear, and one bag of dry items for the cabin.

Atlantic Beach also welcome your scooters, spear guns and cameras. While we’d love for you to remain united with every single piece of gear you’ve ever owned be considerate. Captain, as always has the right to limit gear. Exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis.

Each diver is also guaranteed a bunk or sofa to crash on for the ride in & out should they so choose. Just about every surface on the rear deck is cushioned. Bean bag chairs are also available for sun worshippers.

The wheel house sports a great view, has seating for 7 plus the Captain. Brand new Stratoglass encloses the entire bridge for “sporty days” or divers can relax in the salon where you can watch your favorite movie or DVD on our 42″ LCD T.V – 2 separate Sound systems are available for “top side” or “inside”. 85 gallons of fresh hot & cold running water are at your finger tips. Showers, full head, A/C are all par for this boat. Galley is equipted with microwave, range and mid size refridgerator/freezer. Several large coolers are onboard to keep drinks, lunches, beer, and snacks cool.

Spear fishing is permitted for fish in season and of size, and can also be stored in the cooler. Storage bags are available.

Atlantic Beach recommend you bring additional ice for the fish cooler if fishing. Ice is available at the dock. We respectfully request that you keep wet and dripping dive gear, wetsuits included, out of the cabin. We know you love your gear. We all do. We’ll all love it if you can keep it outside where it belongs, thereby keeping our cabin as fresh-smelling as possible for all our divers.


Boat – Mutiny II has the latest & greatest in safety gear for boat. She is equipted with state of the art GPS – E.P.I.R.B (emergency position indicator radio beacon), a ten person, inspected, USCG approved survival raft. Safety flares, smoke parachutes, USCG approved P.F.D’s (personal floatation device) with signal devices & 5 fire fighting stations. 1st aid kits are available in 2 stations and 3 emergency O2 bottles are available for dive injuries. All Mutiny II crew are 1st aid & CPR certified. Remember we can be up to 45 miles from home. USCG response time is at min. hopefully 90 minutes away. Hopefully!! Dive smart & please don’t take any unncessary risk.

Divers – All divers must show proper dive credentials upon arrival. Divers must have a wreck reel, signal sausage or lift bag. Dan insurance is cheap and Highly reccomended.

Destinations and Weather

Charter prices include two offshore dives, weather permitting, with the exception of the Naeco & other wrecks farther south. These fall into the extended day. We make every effort to accommodate requests for specific wrecks, but again … we are fettered by the whims of Mother Nature. The captain has the final say regarding dive sites after considering all the variables affecting us.

Dive Profiles

Aboard the Mutiny II, the safety of our divers is paramount. We ask that all our divers communicate with us regarding their dive profiles, and any problems they may be experiencing. As much as possible, we try to keep recreational charters and technical charters separate. Since this is not always possible, we ask that divers with longer planned run times inform the captain and crew of their planned profile, and be ready to splash as soon as the boat is tied in. In this way, we know when to begin expecting divers back aboard the boat.


We prefer our divers to gear themselves up. We will put your fins on you at the exit point, check to ensure your gas is on and log you out. If you need help, ASK! Our crew works for tips and will be glad to assist whenever they are able. The ladder for re-boarding the boat is a fin ladder, so keep those fins on until you’re safely on the dive platform. A crew member will remove your fins, assist you to your seat, and hand them to when you’re seated.* We require all divers dive with a snorkel, a lift bag and safety/wreck reel, and a signaling device of some kind, for safety* AND have adequate dive insurance through either DAN or Diveassure.

Diving Credentials

Please be prepared to show a certification card at the time you sign your waiver. Any cert card is fine (AOW, Stress and Rescue, etc). Due to the advanced and volatile nature of North Carolina diving, an advanced open water certification is required. Open water divers are welcome if accompanied by a certified & insured dive master or instructor. (max 1 on 1) Mutiny II can arrange for a dive master or Instructor to dive with you if advance notice is given for a nominal fee. Everyone has to start somewhere.

For those breathing Nitrox, have your Nitrox card available to show to the fill station attendant including an advanced Nitrox card for mixes higher than 40%.

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