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Bali Blue Diving is providing 1st class Diving experience in Bali, and also in Timor-Leste. We provide PADI Courses and Daily Dives in Bali.

Here we have a large amount of excellent and diverse Dive Spots that offer fun and adventure for all levels of Divers.

The diversity of soft and hard coral is unmatched anywhere else in the World! Shipwrecks, Deep Walls, Mantas, Stingrays, Sharks, Mola-Mola (Ocean Sunfish), School of Barracudas, Tunas, Mackerels, Pygmy´s Sea Horse, beautiful Nudibranchs, Turtles…from shore or boat…here, you will have your dreams come true!

Photographers from all over the World come to Bali to make photos of the rares species found here. For the Macro Photographers this is Heaven! Water conditions are generally good, and the visibility around 10 to 25 meters. We have also Dive Packs (all included except lunch). That`s one more reason to visit Bali and let us show the beauty of the marine life around here.

And in Timor-leste…

For the adventurous Divers that want to dive in those unique places in the World we can offer Timor-Leste. This small country has some of the best Dive sites in the World. You will explore dive sites where only few dived… and that´s a very good reason to dive here. We provide accommodation and transport, so you don t need to be worried with anything!

PADI Courses in Bali

You don`t know if diving is for you? Try first, decide later…

  • Discover Scuba Diving

No time to do the Open Water Course? Start with the first part of the OWC and finish later.

  • Scuba Diver


  • Open Water Diver
  • Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Emergency First Response
  • Rescue Diver
  • Scuba Tune-up

PADI Online Courses with Bali Blue Diving

  • Open Water Diver Course
  • Advanced Open Water Diver Course
  • Digital Underwater Photography
  • Rescue Diver Course
  • Scuba Tune-up Course
  • Dive Theory Course


Snorkeling is an easy and fun swimming activity that can be done at just about any beach or coastal area in the world.

Excellent for the whole family in vacation! The equipment is inexpensive and portable, the skills required minimal, and the activity very safe. Furthermore, snorkeling serves as a good gateway activity for SCUBA DIVING!

Snorkeling is a popular recreational activity that allows a swimmer to observe sea life with a minimum of equipment and training, and the same degree of safety as regular open sea swimming.

The minimum basic equipment for snorkeling is a dive mask, swimming fins, and a snorkel (breathing tube). Some snorkelers also wear a flotation device, and in colder water, a wetsuit may be worn.

BALI BLUE DIVING offer day trips to some of the best snorkeling spots in BALI.

The price includes:

  • Free pick up in Sanur area
  • Land & sea transport
  • A well experienced dive leader for the maximum of 4 snorkelers
  • Total of 2 hours snorkeling in two different sites
  • All snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel, wetsuit, fins and life jacket)
  • Mineral water
  • Towel
  • Insurance

Tulamben Bay

The USAT “Liberty”

This shipwreck lies in shallow water, which become a fantastic artificial reef since 1963, making it a great site where you can see why this wreck is so famous worldwide.

The Coral Garden

The name “garden” says it all. A vast extension of well preserved coral where you will find a lot to see and remember!

Pandang Bay

Blue Lagoon

Accessible from the beach, this shallow sandy bottom slopes slowly off while the reef extends until a very nice wall.

Here you will notice a variety of healthy hard and soft corals and a lot of smaller critters and other marine life which you can see in a snorkeling experience in here and that forever you will remember.

For sure that you will want to repeat the experience!


Our School

A Tour through our facilities it`s the best way to know what we can provide to our students.

Here you can see the classroom, the space where the theorical lessons are made, also the space where you can rest and drink a coffee or a tea, the pool that we use for our pratical lessons and of course the outside view for you easily identify our School in your next visit to Bali.


Buoyancy Control Device (BCD)

AQUATEC Atlas Tec B.C.D.

The BC-66 Atlas Tec from AQUATEC is an internal bladderless BCD that has a comfortable adjustable cummerbund waistband along with easy to adjust shoulder straps. The BC-66 Atlas Tec is made from tough 1000 denier Cordura/PU bonded to the inside. The pockets are made from 1680, and 840 denier nylon. Both designs, the portable, Independent Backpack, and Soft TPR Backpack Pad give the BCD excellent stability.

The Covered Corrugated Hose, L/P Hose, Solid Zippered Pockets, Integrated Quick Release Safety Weight Pockets System (Pat,), 4 x SUS contoured 2D-Rings, 2 x O/P Valves, 2 x Hose Retainers, and Stainless Steel Tank Cam Lock Buckle (Pat.)

1st Stage Regulator

AQUATEC Piston First Stage

  • The First stage type: Flow through piston design.
  • Ventilation rate: Air supply /3500 PSI
  • Intermediate pressure: 135~145 PSI
  • High pressure port: (7/16″ 20W) x 1
  • Low pressure port: (3/8″ 24W) x 4

2nd Stage Regulator

AQUATEC Pneumatic Balanced 2nd Stage

  • Downstream demand valve with twin air intake control maximum
  • Intermediate pressure: 145 PSI
  • Inhalation effort: 1.2~1.4 CIW (Column inches of water)
  • Exhalation effort: 1.1 CIW
  • Flow rate: 30+SCFM (Air supply: 3000 PSI)

Console Gauge

AQUATEC Console Gauge

  • Pressure Gauge: 350 Bar
  • Depth Gauge: 70 Meter
  • Compass Superior

Short Wet Suit – 3mm


  • This wet suit is made for warmer waters
  • The 250% four-way stretch combined with the ultra comfort and flexibility
  • 3mm Flex stretch neoprene

Long Wet Suit – 5mm


  • This wet suit is made for cooler waters
  • 5mm neoprene
  • G-Lock zipper

Mask Open Water

  • Transparent silicone Mask

Snorkel Open Water

  • Basic Snorkel

Fins Open Water

  • Adjustable fins

Victor Oxygen Free Flow Reg Portable Kit

  • Emergency 100% Oxygen portable kit

We also have available a Medical Kit and Pocket Masks to add more safety for all our Guests and Instructors.

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