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For the first time in Asia, rEvo Rebreather training is now available in Singapore and across the Asia with Mr. Davy Koh – the 1st rEvo Rebreather Diver/Instructor in Asia.

Davy Dive Explorers is one of the earliest TDI Instructors in this region, and has been diving rebreathers since it became popular in recreational diving in the mid 90s.

He was trained by the late Mr Rob Palmer, a pioneer of Technical Diving, on the Drager Dolphin Rebreather. Davy is also a TDI KISS Rebreather Instructor, currently owns a rEvo III Hybrid, a Classic KISS mCCR as well as a Halcyon PVR-BASC rebreather. Aside from giving technical diving trainings to avid divers, he is also a long standing Instructors with several training agencies:

  • PADI Master Instructor (PADI # 15973)
  • NAUI Instructor Trainer (Naui # 9020)
  • PSAI Instructor (PSAI # 48)
  • SSI Instructor (SSI # 8030)
  • CMAS Instructor (CMAS # M3 SGP 022)

It all started with his passion in diving, and in 1975, he took up a free diving course, got himself certified as a one-star diver which he had to endure all kinds of tough training. From then on, he just went all his way to pursue his hobby. He had dove to the once famous Anambas Oil Rigs – a depth of 92m, a couple of times with some legendary figures.

Then, in 1997, together with one of his buddy, they went to Florida to do a Cave Diver course at Ginnie Springs. It was through him that the Global Underwater Explorers (“GUE”) course director, Andrew Georgitsis came to Singapore and conducted the first GUE course in Tioman Island, Malaysia.

Davy was one of the earliest diver to dive HMS Repulse and HMS Prince of Wales. He had since 1999 led two groups of British tech divers and a Dutch group to dive the historical wrecks. The dives on these two historical wrecks were documented on Youtube.

The rEvo Monitoring System (rMS)

A complete new rebreather control system including remaining cycle and scrubber time indication. Based on 2 years research in the rEvo lab, using fast response temperature sensing in both scrubbers, wireless data and power transmission, implemented on the digital Shearwater CAN-bus platform.

The rEvo III micro FT

A micro unit in the rEvo III family, but with only front-mounted gas injection, and made only in Titanium: suitable for traveling, or for the smaller / female diver till now only for non-CE countries.

CCR/Technical Diving Training

  • rEvo Rebreather Air Diluent Course
  • KISS Closed Circuit Rebreather
  • Basic Nitrox Diver
  • Advanced Nitrox Diver
  • Decompression Procedures
  • Extended Range Diver
  • Basic Trimix Diver
  • Advanced Trimix Diver
  • Gas Blender Course
  • Advanced Gas Blender Course

Pool Try-Out

For those with serious interest to learn more about closed circuit rebreathers, here is a very good opportunity for you.

We are pleased to inform you that there will be try dives organised with the very popular rEvo rebreather at Outram Pool.

The fees for the try dives are as follows:
1. 1 diver – S$180.00;
2. 2 divers – S$150.00 each;
3. 3 divers – S$120.00 each;

These fees will cover the cost of pool usage, use of rebreather unit, CO2 absorbent, O2/gas, bailout stage, briefing and underwater guidance. Each participant will get to do a 40mins dive in the water with the guidance of the rEvo instructor.

Bring your own basic dive gear. Spaces are limited to participants per pool session.

PADI Courses

  • Open Water Diver Course
  • Advanced Open Water Diver Course
  • Rescue Diver Course

Essential Parts for rEvo Rebreathers

  • R270 – Cell retaining nuts (2 pieces) – For holding the sensors to the sensor grid.
  • R425 – Cell splitters (Y-connector molex with 1 isolator – rEvodream and Shearwater)
  • R549 – Break parts RM06758 (for Draeger mouthpiece – set of two). This break piece will break for emergency DSV removal.
  • R530 – Scubber retaining screw with handle – For use on scrubber cartridge and rEvo cover.
  • R526 – Scrubber spring
  • CMF orifice and solenoid blanking plug
  • Solenoid battery holder O-rings
  • R214 – DSV O-ring set for DSV new barrel (4 parts)
  • R519 – Draeger mushroom valves for mouthpiece
  • Sofnolime 797 mesh grade 8-12 (1-2.5mm)
  • rEvo III lung caps
  • R213 Tribolube 71 Oxygen grease
  • R528 – Scrubber filters (mesh)
  • 9 Volt battery for solenoid
  • r200 – Oxygen sensor (9.0 – 13 mV)
  • Batteries for rEvodream (2 pcs) – CR2450
  • R516 – Cell Protection (plastic)
  • Extended brush, Can be use to wash the breathing loop.
Scott June 04, 2019

Hello Davey, this is pretty awesome. Would love to come check it out at Outram pool


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