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Diving Tenerife at its best. Dive 24:7 Tenerife are the Head Office for CMAS/ProTec in Tenerife, a PADI Facility, TDI/SDI 5 Star Centre and BSAC Premier Centre No 0612. Dive 24-7 is the only technical and rebreather centre in Tenerife.

With over 10 years experience diving in Tenerife we pride ourselves on being the most knowledgable diving centre in the South. We are the only people to have run and operated a dive business and liveaboard in the UK/Ireland before coming to Tenerife, so we are the most experienced dive team in Tenerife.

Our dive sites are the best available off the south coast of Tenerife and are easily and quickly reached by a boat journey in our brand new ‘state of the art’ RIB. The centre is right by the harbour so there are no long car journeys to get to the boat.

State of the Art!

We offer superb scuba diving for dive clubs and individuals who wish to dive Tenerife all year round. It is easy to understand why more and more people are discovering and returning to Tenerife for their scuba diving holidays and choosing Dive 24:7 as their preferred choice.

Here at Dive 24:7 Tenerife Diving Centre, we provide the complete diving package tailored to suit your individual diving requirements. Whatever your diving experience, our fully qualified and insured Diving Instructors will provide you with the diving and equipment that you need.

Dive 24:7 welcomes divers from all agencies and level of diver education to dive Tenerife.

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Dive 24-7 can arrange TAX-FREE equipment sales for all our customers.


When you book a dive holiday package with Dive 24-7, they can guarantee that the accommodation offered will be of the highest standard.

Dive 24:7 personally visit hotels and apartments before we recommend them to customers. Dive 24:7 have privately owned luxury apartments in Palm Mar – a quiet resort with breathtaking views. Dive 24:7 also have good relationships with hotels in Los Cristianos and Las Americas.

Dive 24:7 strongly recommend Palm Mar located on the south west coast of Tenerife and 5 minutes from the diving center. Palm Mar is an exclusive new residential area nestled in a tranquil bay, surrounded by Montaña de Guaza on one side, which separates it from the neighboring town of Los Cristianos and the Nature Reserve “Malpaís de La Rasca” on the other, Palm Mar is a haven for relaxation and tranquility. It is a safe, non commercialised area perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sun and stunning views. There is a supermarket and 2 smaller shops. There are several bars and nice restaurants to choose from but if anyone is looking for a bit more night life we can arrange transportation into Los Cristianos or Playa Las Americas in the evenings.

The apartments are modern and well equipped including beautiful pools for non divers and children.

Dive 24-7 strives to ensure your diving holiday in Tenerife is complete including excellent accommodation.


Whether your interests lie in nitrox, rebreathers, mixed gas or any of the many other programs that TDI offers, you can be assured that you will be participating in training that offers you the “cutting edge” of diving technology.

Dive 24:7 have a fully air conditioned gas blending station on site for Nitrox and Trimix. Our Oxygen is highest quality medical grade. Dive 24:7 blend Nitrox to any mix, making sure that you are getting the best optimal ppo2 of 1.4.

Dive 24:7 offer you the correct Nitrox mix you require according to your dive – not the dive according to the Nitrox.

Dive 24:7 can supply up to 100%.

This is the advantage of completing a Technical TDI Course:

  • Example 1:Max Depth 18m would require Nitrox 50%
  • Example 2:Max Depth 30m would require Nitrox 35%
  • Example 3:Max Depth 40m would require Nitrox 28%

Nitrox will only be supplied to qualified divers – if you are not qualified you can do your Basic TDI Nitrox course in ONE day.

Dive 24:7 cater for rebreather divers wishing to bring their own units to Tenerife and we run CCR Courses

The new boat is fitted with all the necessary safety equipment to carry out technical diving.



Entry Level Nitrox

This is the entry level certification course for recreational divers wishing to utilize enriched air nitrox (EAN) as a breathing gas. The objective of this course is to train divers in the benefits, hazards and proper procedures for using nitrox mixes from 22% to 40% oxygen content.

Course duration: 1 day

Advanced Nitrox

This course examines the use of EAN 21 through to 100% (oxygen) for optimal mixes to a depth of 130fsw/40msw. The object of this course is to train divers in the benefits, hazards and proper procedures for utilizing EAN 21 through to 100% (oxygen) for dives not requiring staged decompression. (Decompression techniques may be combined with this course at the discretion of the instructor).

Course duration: 3 days

Deco Procedures

The aim of this course is to introduce the use of twin sets and stage cylinders for decompression dives in the 40M range. Gases used are up to 40% in the twin set and from 32% to 100% in the stage cylinders. This course introduces skills and procedures required throughout your technical diving career.

Combination Courses

Entry Level & Advanced Nitrox

Advanced Nitrox & Deco Procedures

TDI Nitrox Gas Blender Course

In the TDI Gas Blender Course, you will receive a foundation of skills and knowledge that is needed to blend enriched air nitrox for recreational divers. After covering academic subjects including

  • Responsibilities of the gas blender
  • Oxygen handling
  • Gas production equipment and oxygen analyzing

You will demonstrate proficiency in blending enriched air nitrox and the proper labeling of nitrox cylinders. The TDI Nitrox Gas Blender manual will take you through the processes of blending nitrox in an easy to read and understand format. Additional support materials include the SDI/TDI Gas Blending Log.

Duration ½ Day – 1 Day.

Dive Sites

The island offers unbeatable conditions for diving, like swimming through a dense curtain of brightly coloured fish, or large sting rays. There are some thirty dive sites distributed all along the coastline, where you can discover the fascinating marine life and the remains of ship wrecks. Las Galletas has some of the best dive sites. The most frequently seen fish on rocky bottoms are the dusky grouper, parrot fish, gold lined bream, white bream, moray eels, glass eyes, scorpion fish, cardinal fish and wreck fish. On mixed, sand and stone bottoms, you find dentex and, couch´s sea bream, Pandora, red bream, black bream and drum, while on mud and sand bottoms, you will find mullet, sting rays, angel sharks, hound sharks and Canary hake. The Tenerife shoreline conserves marine ecosystems with a large number of endemic species. You can find interesting sea turtles, like the loggerhead turtle, and a resident population of pilot whales off the southern coasts of the island. Bottle nosed dolphins are also frequently spotted. Both these species of cetaceans live permanently in the channel between Tenerife and La Gomera.

Dive Site: El Meridian

Description: WWII Minesweeper

Depth: 30 metres

WW2 German minesweeper used in later life as a dolphin viewing ship from Los Cristianos. The vessel was purposely sunk on 23rd October 2005. This dive is very interesting as the wreck is intact and upright. We have spotted a resident grouper on numerous dives and lots of rays. The wreck makes an interesting artificial reef for marine life.

Dive Site: The Stingrays, Los Chuchos

Description: Stingray Dive with Small fishing boat

Depth: 22 metres

This is a fantastic dive site that is rated by everyone who dives here. As soon as you descend down the anchor line you will see the stingrays. There are usually butterfly, atlantic, common and eagle rays. There is also a small ship wreck. Within the hull of the wreck you will find moray eels, small puffer fish and scorpion fish. A camera is must for this site!

Dive Site: El Condesito

Description: Wreck

Depth: 21 metres

In the early 70’s the ship “El Condesito” hit rocks while it was destined for Los Cristianos. Its cargo was cement bags. It is home to abundant marine life including many trumpet fish, glass eyes, parrotfish and amber jacks. The propeller is at 18 meters with the deck at 10 meters, this makes it an exciting dive site for open water and novice divers. To the stern is a drop off at 35 meters and makes an interesting diversion for the more experienced diver.

Dive Site: El Puertito

Description: Turtle Dive

Depth: 12+

This is a shore dive with a difference. It is situated in the quiet bay of the village of El Puertito. This is the perfect site for seeing turtles. Dive 24-7 just love this very laid back, tranquil dive with the friendly turtles.

Dive Site: Palm Mar Caves

Description: Cave and scenic dive

Depth: 40 max

This is a real treat for the advanced diver and it is only 10 minutes by boat. The cave itself is a mystery as no-one knows how long the interior tunnel actually is or where it leads. There is a memorial cross outside the cave and bearing this in mind we take a look inside, before moving on. The wall is home to moray eels. There is a deep part to this dive taking us to 40 meters. There are shoals of Sea Bream and Zebra Fish, Octopus and Ornate Wrasse. There are also Angel Sharks, Atlantic Rays, and sightings of Dolphins and Pilot Whales.

Dive Site: The Steps

Description: Volcanic Formation

Depth: 40 max

This site is 10 minutes from the harbour and boasts both spectacular scenery and fish life. The dive starts shallow on the first of a series of volcanic steps, which run from the shore out to sea. The formation is identical to the Giants Causeway on the North Coast of Ireland. Dropping over the side of the “Steps” you pass Trumpet Fish and Zebra and Sea Bream, to the bottom at about 18m. Turning right we come to a large swim through and a large shoal of Roncardores. Don’t forget the cameras! When we venture on out to sea (25m) you will see Moray and Rays. This is a sandy bottom so look out for Angle Sharks. We then make our way back towards the step formation to shallow off and look out for passing Barracuda.

Dive Site: Ali Baba Caves

Description: Cave

Depth: 40

We descend to a rocky platform at 30 metres. From here we drop over the side of the platform and descend to a white sand sea bed at 38 metres, where we will find Ali Baba’s Cave. We can see large groupers, stingrays, angel shark, glass eye fish, jacks and barracuda. A pleasant acsent is made along the Punta Rasca Reef.

Dive Site: Coral Arch

Description: Scenic

Depth: 24

The seabed here is covered with spectacular basaltic rock formations where lava has produced three large arch shaped formations. Two memorials, one to Jacques Cousteau and another to a local diver will be seen as we make our way through and around the arches. We will see black moray, brown moray, trumpet fish and if the time of year is right, the occasional angel shark.

Dive Site: Four Finger Reef

Description: Reef

Depth: 18 – 40

The formation of this dive site is literally like four giant fingers. It is a reef but in between the fingers huge gullies harbour the large enenimes. There are lots of Trumpet Fish, Glass Eyes and Moray, Octopus and Black Coral on this site.

Dive Site: Rock de Fabien

Description: Rock / Pinnacle

Depth: 25 – 70max

We have started diving this site and already the other centres are getting curious. Because of the depth we never dive with a single air supply. (stage bottles can be rented) Fabiens Rock is a spectacular site. As you descend you will see it completely covered in Coral and the white sand reflects lots of light. Atlantic Rays, Trumpet Fish also Black and Tiger Moray are seen regularly on this dive. We only dive this site on slack tides.

About Tenerife

Tenerife has everything to make your diving holiday memorable and complete.

Tenerife in the Canary Islands lie’s on the same latitude as the Gulf of Mexico (west) and North Africa (east) approximately 10 degrees above the equator, which of course means that the Islands are semi-tropical and boast a vast selection of varied flora and fauna.

A remarkable short 4hr flight from the UK, Tenerife certainly live’s up to it’s name as Paradise Islands.

Eating out in Tenerife is a great pleasure. The great variety of restaurants in Tenerife serve food of excellent quality. There is wild diversity of food to satisfy the hungriest appetites. Restaurants offer familiar fast food to stunning fine dining. Those with an adventurous palate can take their pick from international cusines styles, eating dishes from a different country every night.

Tenerife also has an excellent selection of Spanish and Canarian eateries where you can try the local dishes. The food in Tenerife is without a doubt a fantastic sensations for the taste buds. You can choose from cheeses, tapas, paellas and an abundance of sea food.

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