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Diving Club team of scuba diving professionals will be delighted to take you on a scuba diving adventure in Vietnam with Diving Club whatever your scuba diving experience or level. Diving Club will cater for your scuba diving needs and desires, whether you are interested in a “Discovery scuba diving” or a scuba diving course. Diving Club are a PADI licensed Five Star Instructor Development Centre for scuba diving with fully experienced and certified scuba diving staff. Our scuba diving team speaks fluently English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese of course. Our scuba diving club has international scuba diving insurance for all our customers and each instructor carries additional scuba diving insurance.

Since 1995 : Diving Club is the first dive center in Vietnam. Diving Club is managed by a couple of French whose names are Diving Club. Discover the most beautiful dive sites in Vietnam, with a professional team to serve you. We offer high experience dives, our best high quality equipment is checked once a year by professional. The main words of the club are : professionalism and quality of service for customers’s satisfaction. Best and safety dive center with professional team.

Table of Content

Scuba Diving Info

Scuba Diving In Nha Trang

Vietnam is the newest dive destination . Nha Trang offers fantastic sites : with over 350 different species of coral , also various and rich underwater life . Hon Mun Marine Park – Mun island , home of some interesting dive sites , where one of our dive packages will take the adventurer diver . Our diverse choice of dive sites ensures that there is superb diving available for all levels of divers , from the beginner to the highly experienced . The rich variety of Nha Trang’s marine world is guaranteed to make your diving experience an unforgettable highlight of your holidays … Dive vietnam !.

First dive sites are located around the bay of Nha Trang . After approximately one hour boat trip , we arrive at the islands of Hon Mun , and Hon Mot where we enjoy a dozen different dive sites . You will be thrilled by the steep drop off of Goat Rock ( 20/40 meters in depth ) , the coral gardens of Moray beach . The cave of Madonna rocks , together with swim-through where you will be moved by the play of light and the many beautiful colors of the fauna and flora of Hon Mun.

During your dives , you will be amused by the assurance of the clown fish and will probably meet Cuttlefish , Scorpion fish , Frogfish , Lionfish , Moray Eels , Needlefish , Paperfish , Parrotfish , Rockfish , Trumpetfish . There is also a good chance you will see Barracuda , Blue Spotted Rays , and magnificent Manta Rays . The South China Sea is rich in a great variety of different species of fish , nudibranches , worms , shellfish , and corals .


All the boats have Oxygen First Aid and a Dive masters or instructors stays on board for your safety. The emphasis is definitely on safety. So whilst there is a recompression chamber North of Nha Trang, we have never had to use it and want to keep it that way!

Speed boat

Speedboat dive-trips are available in Nha Trang should you want a more flexible schedule or more exclusive diving.


All divers have access to full range of diving equipment including 3 mm wetsuit or shorties, fins, snorkels, masks (including some with prescription lenses), regulator and air tanks. Most of our tanks are 12 liters aluminium with yoke fittings, but we can offer some steel tanks with DIN fittings if needed. For “air hogs”, we can also offer 15 liters tanks. The tanks are filled by one our own Bauer comppressor. And one…

Diving Club License

Diving Club is fully licensed and has international insurance for all divers , and each instructors carry additional insurance . Your choice of diving organization will partly depend on your level and area of interest . Our instructors will be happy to help you make your selection . We offer daily dive and snorkeling trip . We’re a SSI and PADI 5 Stars IDC Dive Center with all PADI courses , from beginner to professional . Diving Club have 2 boats Liveaboard and 1 boat special V.I.P traitment . Diving Club propose also accomodations : hotels from 1 to 5 stars, from 10 USD to 300 USD / night / room . This how we organise our diver trips : pick up at the airport, transfer to hotel , half-board, and breakfast.

Scuba Diving Photo

During your diving and training, we offer a photos & videos option. Ask Diving Club ( professional photographer ), our photography co-ordinator for your personalised memory of diving with Diving Club.

Dive Sites

Hon Mun Island

Hon Mun is the island where all dive sites already mentioned in the Nha Trang section are located. The majority of the dive sites are within a 45 minutes boat ride (or 15 minutes by our speedboats) from Nha Trang to the stunning nearby Islands of the Hon Mun Marine Park.This represents the BEST diving in The South China Sea.

Madonna Rock

There are a couple of good swimthroughs at this dive site. It is a small rocky outcrop off Mun Island, marine life includes giant morays, lionfish, scoprion fish and a wide array of breath taking coral.

Depth: 5 – 35m – Viz: 5 – 35m – Getting there: Boat 1 hour

Best months: Jan / SepAll

Moray Beach

A shallow dive with a sandy bottom, also some bizarre rock formations here. The site gets its name from the resident giant moray eels that are upto two and a half meters long. You may find the rare black spotted moray (Gymnothorax-favagineus) here too.

This site is also good for spotting pipefish, razorfish and trumpetfish with a couple of leaf fish hiding in a small cave at 3 meters.

Depth: 3 – 25m – Viz: 5 – 30m – Getting there: Boat 1 hour

Best months: Jan / Sep

Goat Rock

A spectacular vertical wall dive down to 40 meters can be done here. The wall is covered with hard and soft coral and provides home to all manner of marine critters.

Depth : 5-40m – Viz : 5-30m – Getting there : Boat 1 hour

Best months : Jan / Sep

Blue Beach

This is another good dive site. The site is good for spotting lionfish, scorpion fish, sea-horse, frog fish, stone fish … with hard and soft coral.

Depth: 5 – 40m – Viz: 5 – 20m – Getting there : Boat 1 hour

Best months: Jan / Sep

Diving Equipment

We also have one retail shop in Nha Trang. We do carry major brand of equipment, and also some other cheaper equipment available for snorkelers, divers, childrend and adults coming in all sorts of sizes, colours and shapes. Our valuable customers, snorkelers, divers and students will also enjoy very special discounted on any equipment purchase and Divemaster candidates will have pleasure to see and try alot different style of equipment, as well as getting the opportunity to get a great price on their own set or full scuba gear..

PADI courses

PADI courses with Diving Club tend to be more expensive than in the rest of . We make no apologies for this as we know it is reflected in our levels of service and safety ( and of course fun !). All training courses are kept to a maximum of 4 students with 1 Instructor . This ensures personalised and more through tuition which in turn produces more confident and competent divers! This is definitely NOT conveyor – belt training which you can find in the busier parts of SE Asia . We believe that whilst you pay for your course , you EARN your certification . We are able to do this because we invest in quality Instructors . Our Instructor team usually comprises an Master Instructor , MSDT and several Open Water Instructors . A team of highly qualified experienced Instructor – Trainers to ensure that you receive the best possible training ! Our Instructor respect all the PADI standards , after your certification you will be a PADI DIVER and not only a Vietnamese diver !!!



Minimum age 10 years old – 2 dives

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving program introduces people to scuba diving in a highly supervised and relaxed manner. It dispels common misconceptions about scuba by letting individuals try it for themselves. Under the guidance of a PADI professional, new divers learn basic safety concepts (Breathing underwater, Regulator clearing, Regulator recovery, Mask clearing, Equalization techniques, Hand signals and underwater communication), put on equipment and swim around underwater (12 meters max) in a closely supervised environment. After trying scuba, many new divers may decide to repeat the experience. Others will choose to pursue certification by enrolling in a PADI Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver course.


8 to 10 years old

The Bubblemaker program introduces scuba as an activity that allows children to experience the underwater world. Under close supervision, participants swim around on scuba in shallow confined water (2 meter max)– just playing. Colorful Bubblemaker emblems, decals, towels and toys along with a distinctive recognition certificate and card make the experience one to remember.


Minimum 15 years old or 10 years old for Junior

The Scuba Diver course is a subcourse within the Open Water Diver course that teaches student divers the foundational knowledge and skills they need to dive under the supervision of a certified divemaster, assistant instructor or instructor. Course: 2 days. First day: video in the morning, pool session in the afternoon. Second day : 2 open water dives in the ocean. Student divers must have a current version of these required materials :

– PADI Open Water Diver Manual
– RDP – Wheel, table or eRDP including associated Instructions for Use booklets.


Minimum 15 years old or 10 years old for Junior

The PADI Open Water Diver course teaches student divers the foundational knowledge and skills they need to dive with a buddy, independent of supervision. Course: 4 days. First and second days: video in the morning, pool session in the afternoon. Third and fourth days : 2 open water dives in the ocean.Student divers must have a current version of these required materials :

– PADI Open Water Diver Manual
– RDP – Wheel, table or eRDP including associated Instructions for Use booklets.



1 or 2 dives

Is a supervised underwater tour designed to orient divers to unfamiliar aquatic conditions and environments. Divers may choose to discover new aspects of an area while on a diving holiday. The guidance provided by PADI Members allows participants to comfortably explore different underwater environments, find items of interest and avoid potential hazards.


2 dives

The PADI Scuba Review is to help certified divers update their dive knowledge and skills, especially after a period of diving inactivity. The Scuba Review program consists of two parts – a Knowledge Review and a Confined Water Skills Review. There is also an open water dive. The Knowledge Review segment covers the basic safety information divers learn during their entry-level training. The Confined Water Skills Review allows participants to practice basic scuba skills. With guidance from a PADI Member, divers update and fine-tune their diving ability. A supervised open water dive is an addition to the program for certified divers. This dive offers an opportunity to obtain an environmental orientation to a local dive site from a PADI member while gaining confidence and refreshing dive skills.


2 days – Minimum 15 years old or 12 years old for Junior ( 3 or 4 dives )

A diver who completes any three Adventure Dives earns the PADI Adventure Diver rating.

TheAdventure Dives include:

-Fish Identification Dive
-Boat Dive
-Deep Dive
-Drift Dive
-Dry Suit Dive
-Enriched Air Dive
-Multileveland Computer Dive
-Night Dive
-Peak Performance Buoyancy Dive
-Search and Recovery Dive
-Underwater Naturalist Dive
-Underwater Navigation Dive
-Underwater Photography Dive
-Underwater Videography

Dive Student divers must have a current version of these required materials:

-PADI Adventures in Diving Manual or Multimedia
-Deluxe Data Carrier
-RDP – The Wheel, table or eRDP including associated Instructions for Use booklets ( The Wheel is required for multilevel dives )


3 days – Minimum 15 years old or 12 years old for Juniors ( 5 or 6 dives )

A diver who completes the Deep Dive, the Underwater Navigation Dive and three additional Adventure Dives (five total) earns the Advanced Open Water Diver certification.


5 days – Minimum 15 years old ( 4 dives + 1 Pool session )

The PADI Rescue Diver course is a pivotal step in expanding a diver’s knowledge and experience. Rescue Divers learn to look beyond themselves to consider the safety and well-being of other divers. This is why the PADI Rescue Diver certification is a prerequisite for all PADI leadership-level training (PADI Divemaster, Assistant Instructor, and Open Water Scuba Instructor). Rescue Diver training expands the basic problem prevention and accident management skills. At the Rescue Diver level, students are ready to learn to manage more complex dive emergencies and to apply direct intervention techniques to assist others in an emergency. By its nature, the course is demanding, though realistic in its conduct, content and approach. Although the nature and context in which rescue training may be used is serious, the course should be an enjoyable challenge that builds diver confidence. The Rescue Training Sessions: ten rescue skills students learn during confined sessions, with a brief explanation of the rationale and philosophy behind each. The rescue skills learned during the Rescue Training Sessions form the foundation for dive emergency management. The four dive accident scenarios in open water give student divers the opportunity to apply all these skills in a realistic context, providing them with added learning.

The PADI Rescue Diver course student diver must successfully complete a sanctioned course in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR-Primary Care) and basic first aid (Secondary Care) within the past two years (24 months). Student divers must have, in their possession,a personal set of materials for study and use during the course and for reference afterward:

-PADI Rescue Diver Manual
-Diving Accident Management Workslate.


PADI Master Scuba Diver Course

Join the best of the best in recreational scuba diving. Live the dive lifestyle and explore the underwater world like never before. Do it by becoming a PADI Master Scuba Diver – a rating that puts you in a class of distinction. You earn it by diving it, writing your ticket to endless adventure through the experience and training that set you apart as a PADI Master Scuba Diver. With the PADI Master Scuba Diver rating, you’ve reached the highest non professional level in the PADI System of diver education. It means that you’ve acquired significant training and experience in a variety of dive environments.

-Minimum Number of Logged Dives: 50
-Minimum qualifications: PADI Rescue Diver or Junior Rescue Diver ( or qualifying certification from another training organization ), 12 years old, five PADI Specialty Diver certifications.

Not interesting in diving? Snorkeling!

No Age Limit

One of the most common reasons given for going snorkeling is to see the underwater world. Snorkeling is defined as the use of a mask to see underwater and a snorkel to breath comfortably while looking down from the surface.

Photo Course

If you are not already taking underwater photos digitally, this course will give you all the elements necessary to quickly take beautiful, clear photographs, correctly exposed, and well composed.

If you are already taking underwater digital photographs, you will find during this course all the essential components to improve your technique, your line of sight and composition thereby improving your final product…a great photograph!

The Necessary Material

Ideally each pupil will have their own camera and box. Apparatuses are available on loan but only in a limited number. Loaned cameras and boxes will not be allotted to a particular pupil, they will be in free access for all who need them to carry out practical sessions.

Students will put into use the advice provided by the Instructor regarding final improvements of the photo or the creation of films. Ideally the pupils will have their own lap-top computer. For the safeguard of the photographs, the pupils are expected to bring all the necessary material such as memory cards, cds, temporary apparatuses of safeguards as of P2000, of the wolverines or of the flashes trax.

All the operations of saving and maintenance of the computers is the responsibility of the pupils; the Instructor is their to make suggestions and will not intervene in data-processing and handling.


Diving Club will take you through the knowledge development of the photograph training course. They are the first to have specialized in underwater digital photography in Viétnam. The dives take place at protected sites so divers can take safely take photographs with no worries of boat traffic….and during the practical sessions you will have two or three certified assistants (according to the number of pupils) at your disposal.

The Training Course

During this training course, we will approach digital technology subjects such as the resolution of the apparatuse, the various types of sensors and their impact on the line of sight, the various modes of exposure, and JPEG mode for computer downloading. We will discuss also the choices related to the various objectives which you have in a compact or a reflex camera.

You will have the opportunity to practise using the wide angle and telephoto zoom lenses. A large part of the training course will focus on the various types of lighting (flash, headlight HID or halogen, natural light) and the placement under water. As well time will be spent on line of sight underwater and composition of photographs according to the subjects and the conditions: macro, telephoto,wide angle, fish eye.

With the end of this training course, all the pupils will be able to easily carry out photography of the flora, fauna, and other divers in the underwater environment. Throughout this training course, we will tackle the problems associated with the development of the photographs on computer and the creation of diaporamas or video films. Each subject will be tackled in a theoretical way in the form of classroom tuition followed by practical application while diving.

Go Pro

If diving is your passion, why not consider it for you profession. GO PRO is a program which gives you the key to becoming aprofessional diver in the recreational dive community.

DIVING CLUB, operated by french owners, offer you French quality service, family atmosphere, respect and safety.

DIVING CLUB is not a factory, but the diving school provides high quality courses.

High Quality Instructor In Vietnam

We guarantee that you will receive the best training with the highest opportunity for success !

We can help you with choosing speciality courses which match your interest.

Profesional training philosophy : Our instructor teach with passion and utilize various methods to ensure student understanding.


This being the most luxurious liveaboard vessel in Nha Trang bay, you are assured of confort, where you can relax. Amongst the 19 meter fully fitted boat with living room, dining room and four double cabins finished in polished wood. All your neals are provided for along with snacks throughout the trip. We have a great crew and atmosphere aboard. This is by far the best Dive trip in the area, we cruise the Nha Trang bay, Van Phong bay and Cape Varella. Jaking in the splended scenery combined with some spectacular marine life located at our dive sites. Only small groups or private charters are welcome.


2 Days, 1 Night, 6 Dives, 1 Breakfast,2 Lunches And 1 Dinner

Day 1 :

-10am depart from Nha Trang
-Night Dive

Day 2 :

-Dawn Dive
-Return 3pm

3 Days, 2 Nights, 10 Dives, 2 Breakfasts,3 Lunches And 2 Dinners

Day 1 :

-10am depart from Nha Trang
-Night Dive

Day 2 :

-Dawn Dive
-Night Dive

Day 3 :

-Dawn Dive
-Return 3pm

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is the main city of Khanh Hoa, a south central province of Vietnam. With its 7 km long, palm-fringer white sand beach, Nha Trang is a premier seaside resort.With nearly 300.000 inhabitants, you will find Nha Trang well equipped with all the necessary services.

The city boasts a large variety of fine restaurants offering both international and Vietnamese cuisine and is particularly renowned for its delicious and varied seafood.

In addition to water sports, Nha Trang and its surroundings has much else to offer the visitor, including, 13th century Charm towers, Buddhist pagodas, hot water mineral spas, mud bath and museums (Yersin, Institut Océanographique, Aquarium…)

Situated in a small valley surrounded by mountains give the area it own weather pattern with almost 10 months of sun, and an average temperature between October to mid January. The city is flanked by nearly ten kilometers of prime beach where the water is warm year round. The average temperature in Nha Trang is 28 C. Nha Trang also has the lowest level of humidity in all year.

Today, Nha Trang ranks among the top of all beaches in . The numerous islands found off Nha Trang’s coast enhance the scenic beauty of this region and encourages many water sports: diving, fishing, jet skiing, kayaking, paracending, sailing, swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing…

Nha Trang is also the gateway to the central highland mountains, a very beautiful and popular tourist. Nha Trang is 1,287 km south of Hanoi, 624 km south of Hue and 442 km from HoChiMinh city ( Saigon ). Nha Trang, as ‘s premier coastal city, is well served for transportation with its own airport, train station and bus service.

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