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Welcome to Mystic Dive Center!

Mystic Dive Center is the most established scuba diving school in the area and is situated in the beautiful surroundings of Playa Ventanas Beach with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the natural beauty of the rainforest on the other and the Caribean waters on the southern part of Costa Rica.

A perfect vacation destination where you will definitely have the opportunity to experience all the water and land based activities it has to offer. From scuba diving and snorkeling, sea and river kayaking, hiking, horseback riding to scenic, wildlife boat tours, and fishing trips.

Mystic Dive Center offers a variety of professional underwater services from guided dives to a complete range of PADI courses. Our scuba and snorkeling expeditions travels to both Caño Island and Ballena National Marine Reserve which are both national parks and renowned for their pristine wildlife. At these two beautiful islands, expect to see the abundant marine life ranging from reef sharks, dolphins, humpback whales, giant manta rays, sea turtles, puffer fish, angel and barracuda to name a few.

Though we are not associated with one specific hotel, our staff would be more than happy to assist you in making arrangements for accommodations. There are hotels in the area able to meet every ones’ needs and budgets.

Table of Content

Diving & Snorkeling



Caño Island Biological Reserve is located 16.5 kms west of the Osa Peninsula in the Pacific Ocean and consist of 300 hectares of land and 2,700 hectares of sea. The jagged coastline is 10 kms long with small beaches of white sand, rocky platforms and cliffs up to 60 meters high. In the center of the island there is a wide plateau which is divided into two parts by a watershed which is crisscrossed by rivers and streams that plunge down the cliffs to the sea.

The geological history of the island indicates that it is the product of plate tectonic setting, and in this case the subduction of the Cocos Plate beneath the Caribbean Plate. The forest on the island are mainly composed of perennial species typical of very moist tropical forests. Predominant species in the primary forest are fig trees, locusts, wild cacaos, rubber trees, numerous vines epiphytes and the cow tree believed to have been planted by the native Indians.

The climate is very hot and humid with average temperatures of 26° – 28°C.

Caño Island also offers an array of fish species in the clear waters surrounding the island and can be seen either by experiencing snorkeling or scuba diving.


The Spanish explorer Juan de Castañada first visited Caño island in 1519, and named the island after a waterfall or Caño that plunges down the cliffs. The existence of stone spheres, tombs with stone statues, golden votive offerings and polychrome ceramics gave rise to a theory that the island was used only as a cemetery for important persons during the pre-Columbian period. However, remains of domestic pottery and stone farming implements suggest that local Indians inhabited the island 500 years ago.


Caño Island is one of Costa-Rica‘s premier snorkeling and diving spots. The island is surrounded by 5 marine platforms or low coral reefs where 15 species of stony corals have been indentified.

Our adventure begins with a short 90-minute boat ride across the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean to Caño Island. Along the way, it is likely that we will encounter turtles, manta rays, spotted spinner or bottlenose dolphins swimming from the boat.

Upon arrival, our divemaster will point out the best spots for sighting marine life and as well lead divers through the exotic underwater realm. Our snorkeling trips give you the opportunity to explore the reefs and island at your leisure.

While underwater, one can encounter species of fish like the king angel, moorish idol, puffers, surgeon fish, snapper, barracuda, barber fish, parrot fish, damsel fish and a variety of eels hiding around the coral lined rock formations. Turtles, rays and the non-aggressive reef shark can also be spotted.

The island also offer a shaded picnic area next to the beach where you can enjoy your lunch and trails leading into the jungle allowing you to explore the island.


EL BAJO DEL DIABLO (THE DEPTH OF THE DEVIL) El Bajo Del Diablo known as the Depth of the Devil is the best site by far which consist of a huge area sub-divided into many secluded sites. The towering rock pinnacles range from over 150 ft to just under 20 ft which provides one of the best sites to encounter Moray eel, Mantas, Spotted Eagle Rays and more than 4 different species of eels. Its incredible maze of peaks and valleys is the home of Groupers, Snappers and Amberjack reaching 70lb and gives divers a chance to swim amongst enormous schools of tuna, barracuda, reef sharks and scores of tropical fish.

CUEVA DEL TIBURON (SHARK CAVE) Cueva Del Tiburon known as the Shark Cave is surrounded by beautiful white tip reef sharks. Other inhabitants of the area include angels, butterfly, damsels, parrot fish, moorish idols, lobsters, puffers, sturgeon fish. Occasional visitors like the mantas and stingrays can also be found in this area which adds to a lifetime experience for any diver.

LOS ARCOS (THE ARCHES) Los Arcos or The Arches are made up of unique rock formations formed in the shape of arches. Divers can swim through these towering underwater arches and see fish life similar to the Shark Cave due to its close proximity.

EL BARCO (THE WRECK) El Barco has no wreck here but is referred as the wreck. It is made up of a variety of rock formations with areas with the most plentiful hard corals. The large array of fish life provides divers opportunities to encounter white tip reef sharks, manta rays and occasional sea turtles.

PARAISO (PARADISE) Paraiso or Paradise is famous for its abundant marine life which offers divers the experience to encounter whitetip sharks, schools of big groupers, snappers, tuna and its many smaller species of tropical fish.



CAÑO ISLAND (minimum of 4 divers or 8 snorkelers)

  • Dives, 2 tanks
  • Snorkeling

ALL DIVES INCLUDE tanks, weight, all equipment, park fees, lunch and guides.
DEPARTURE from Mystic Dive Center: 6:30 am. Returning: 2:00 pm.

ENVIRONMENT NOTE A $14.00/day/person fee for Diving and a $8.00/day/person fee for snorkeling is included in Caño Island trip prices and goes toward the protection of Caño Island’s fragile environment on land and in water.

BALLENA NATIONAL MARINE PARK (minimum of 3 persons)

  • Dives, 2 tanks: Option of morning or afternoon dive
  • Snorkeling: Option of morning or afternoon

ALL DIVES INCLUDE tanks, equipment, snack, park fees and guide
SNORKELING INCLUDES snack, guide and snorkeling gear
DEPARTURE from Mystic Dive Center

ENVIRONMENT NOTE A $6.00/day/person fee for Diving and snorkeling is included in Ballena Park prices and goes toward the protection of Ballena Park’s fragile environment on land and in water.


Mystic Dive Center uses all brand new equipment, quality Sherwood regulators and gauges, Sherwood BCD’s, mask, fins and snorkels, and our wet suits are BARE 3 mm neoprene both in the full and shorty styles.

Our tanks are 80 cubic feet (12 liter) aluminum with K-Valves. Din compatible valves are not available at this time.

All of are tanks have met all hydrostatic and visual inspection requirements. Our new compressor is a Bauer and is considered one of the top manufacturers in the industry.

The purchase of DAN Insurance is highly recommended prior to arriving in Costa Rica. Basic coverage is inexpensive and is well worth the price if any unforeseen accident should occur.

Guillaume Gontard February 22, 2018

Any chance to dive this afternoon in Uvita (isla Ballena for example)?


Mario May 20, 2018

Can you tell me the price per person to dive 2 session dives in a day


Dan June 17, 2018

My family and I are coming in December for Xmas…I was wondering how much it is to certify a 14 and 11 year old in the junior program?


Heather November 14, 2018

Hi, I’m looking to dive at Cano Island in Feb 2019, can you tell me the price for 2 dives please? Also, is it possible to make a 3rd dive too? Thanks.


Bernard December 14, 2018

Hello ,
We go from France ,
We will stay in Ojochal in May 5 th and 6 th .
With my friend we went to dive in Cano Island , one day .
Is possible , what is the price .
I’m 3 nivel and Michel 4 nivel of dive ( ffessm , french fédération ) .
We dive for 40 years in the world . Is the first time what we go in Costa rica .
Thank you of your answer .


Gregg January 02, 2019

We are coming to the Ojochal Jan 27-Feb 1. Can you tell me your rates and how we make reservations?


Pierre February 25, 2019

Bonjour, est t’il possible de faire de l’apnée sois le 17 ou 18 mars 2019, nous serions 4 personnes et quelle est le prix. Merci


Jill February 27, 2019

Hi – we are a group of 7 looking for a snorkeling adventure the week of March 10-15. Can you give me a price for both the Cano Island and the half day trip to Ballena. What do the trips include?


Kyle May 12, 2019

My son and I are fairly strong swimmers and have snorkeled before. My wife is not a strong swimmer and has not snorkeled before. Is your trip to Canos Island appropriate for her, or should she stay landlocked?


Normand October 21, 2019

Bonjour je vais être à Ojochal en décembre et janvier je veux plonger avec vous


Sebastien December 31, 2019


we are two french divers levels N3 et N4 CMAS (3 stars).
We will be in hollydays in Costa Rica in February.
We are interessed to dive with you the 19 february 2020.
Is it possible ? Can we make isla del cano ? What is the price for two dive per personn?
thanks for your answer



Cameron January 18, 2020

Hello, I would like information about your PADI open water certification course:
When is it offered? I am in Costa Rica from now until April.
What is the pricing for the course, and how long does the course take ?
Thank you for your response in advance


Andrew February 10, 2020

both of us from the USA, will be in Staying in the area
February 25th, 26th, 27th. One of these Days we would like to take the dive trip to CANO Island. Both of us are certified, we have been diving for over 20 years on and off. I went last year to Grand Cayman and Curacao. I have a log. Can you confirm and reserve a spot for us for one of those days. Please confirm as I would like to know we have a reserved spot. How big is the boat? Modern boat? Thanks


Elise February 18, 2020

We would like to go snorkeling at Caño island tomorrow-3 people. Is this possible?


Ramona February 24, 2020

Can you please contact me regarding diving next week?
Thank you,


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