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Scuba Adventure Safari is Tobago’s most professional dive center. Offering its’ guest the most comprehensive recreational and educational travel experience.

Discover Tobago with Scuba Adventure Safari. It will be an adventure safari well worth the visit.

Scuba Adventure Safari is well prepared and fully-equipped to arrange the ultimate dive vacation for you. Let us and the people of Tobago show you the time of your life!

Who is Scuba Adventure Safari?

Scuba Adventure Safari are one of the newest dive travel operators in Tobago. Scuba Adventure Safari are also the most unique in Tobago because of our approach to diving and divers. We came to Tobago to establish a PADI five-star world class diving, water sports and Ecological centre.

Scuba Adventure Safari have just finished renovating our art training/retail facility and operating headquaters in the heart of the hotel district. We want to make it as convenient to divers and hotels as possible and have recently opened a 2nd water sports facility at the Rex Turtle Beach Hotel, Plymouth, Tobago. In addition Scuba Adventure Safari purchased a custom built US Coast Guard approved diving vessel “The Event Horizon”. Scuba Adventure Safari outfitted their rental gear with high quality equipment, including dive computers on all regulators.

Scuba Adventure Safari sought out a PADI Course Director to establish the highest level of diver education and safety. As our consultant, the Course Director has over twenty years experience and managed or owned several dive centres in the United States and the Caribbean. He has been written about in DAN’s Alert Diver and Skin Divers magazine.

Scuba Adventure Safari are committed not to be an island “Dive Shop”, but a diver’s centre where the expectations are always met or exceeded. A dive facility with certified and insured PADI Divemasters and instructors, trained as emergency first responders and in the use of O2 safety equipment. A dive centre where customers who need to have equipment repaired/serviced or just looked at, can feel comfortable that the individuals servicing their equipment are competent. A dive centre that uses only “state-of-the-art” dive equipment and computers.

Scuba Adventure Safari want to provide a complete and thorough diver education program. Scuba Adventure Safari are not willing to take short-cuts or compromise diver safety just to make a ” fast buck”. Let us make one point regarding training agencies, it is not the agencies that make one better than the other, it is the instructors who do that. We choose PADI because of their educational system and diver safety record. PADI may or may not be the best, but we and they believe that education and safety are paramount to diving. You may not have participated in classroom and pool training conducted by a PADI instructor but that does not mean that you can not complete your diving education with PADI. All divers, students and enthusiasts are welcome; BSAC, IDEA, PDIC, NAUI, DDI, CMAS, YMCA and ORANGE COUNTY DIVE ASSOCIATION etc.

Scuba Adventure Safari want you to come and enjoy not only the diving but the Tobago Experience. The natural rain forest, the waterfalls, the forts, the mountains, the rivers and especially the people. Scuba Adventure Safari are part of the community of Tobago and although we intrude into the lives of the citizens here, Scuba Adventure Safari is trying to give back as much as it takes. We offer our fellow residents the opportunity to become part of the diving industry. To learn and understand their marine and land ecological systems. We give them and you a chance to gain a better knowledge of the unique world here in Tobago.

Scuba Adventure Safari stress diver safety, but remember that we are divers as well. Our dive schedule is designed to allow divers of all different skills levels the opportunity to dive within those levels. There is a large variety of diving here and plenty of challenges. We always offer guided tours for those who want to discover some of the unusual creatures here. All dives are led by a Divemaster/Instructor, and back-up professionals are always available depending on skill levels and group sizes.

It was once said that “Tobago is a diamond in the rough, virgin, unspoiled, devoid of the pollution and naive”. Coming here is like a time travel experience, “people and environment at peace with one another”.

Table of Content

Our Underwater World

The reefs off Tobago are prolific with marine life thanks to the cross currents of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Aiding in the nutrient of the waters of Tobago are the flood waters of Venezuela’s Orinoco River, which wash around the island bringing a rich payload of plankton and micro-organisms. It is this unique “washing machine” effect that encourages large marine animals to venture near Tobago.

It is not uncommon to see Eagle Rays, Whale Sharks, Hammerheads and Giant Atlantic Manta Rays at various times year-round.

A semi-permanent colony of giant manta rays is a perennial attraction in Tobago. Though the migration patterns of this magnificent animal means that they are not always predictable, the likelihood is that you will have the opportunity to see them.

A complete marine eco-system representative of the Caribbean can be found off the shores of Tobago. As a diver you will be able to experience the nearly complete representation of the coral and aquatic life of the Caribbean marine system. This includes the world’s largest recorded brain coral, which grows just off the coast of Little Tobago Island (also known as the “Bird of Paradise Island”, part of Scuba Adventure Safari eco-excursion tours).

You will discover that just below the surface of the sea, Tobago becomes a magic kingdom. The fingering and weaving of the offshore reefs surrounding the island, makes Tobago a divers’ (as well as snorkelers’) paradise. Tobago’s reef systems are a universe unto themselves. The diversity and richness is virtually unrivalled in the Caribbean.

The Manta rays periodically reside off the coast of Tobago and are an irresistible attraction to divers. These large creatures can be found with unprecedented regularity due to the plankton content of the water surrounding Tobago.

As a photographer you will need to bring a large quantity of film to capture this diversity of fish, eels, rays and large pelagics. The approachability and friendliness of the marine inhabitants will allow for some of the most outstanding photo opportunities. During night dives the activity of the reef seems to be endless. Filming and experiencing the thrill of nature at her wildest will only be surpassed by the beauty of the reef and your participation.

Tobago offers a number of excellent diving sites. However, there are several sites along the island which require an advance level of diving experience. There are dives with currents which exceed 8 knots and cause your bubbles to descend before they ascend!

Sites like Flying Reef and Divers Dream off the southern tip of Tobago will test your excitement threshold. The cross currents off the southern tip bring the largest animals. We caution you to be ready for the thrill that will make you pee in your wetsuit. Other popular dive sites are; Diver’s Thirst, Cut-throat Cove, God’s Thrill, The Shallows, Mt. Irvine Wall, Book Ends, Coral Gardens-Buccoo Reef, Sisters, London Bridge/Marble Arch, The Giles, Englishman’s Bay, Johnny’s Point and Speyside.

The 350-foot Scarlet Ibis, which once provided ferry service between Tobago and Trinidad, was deliberately sunk three-quarters of a mile off Mount Irvine and has already become an interesting dive location. A young artificial reef has taken hold on the “Maverick Wreck” and special host “JO JO”, the giant Jewfish, doubles as a friendly guide on this multilevel dive experience! (60 ft-upper decks, 80ft-light penetration of cargo area, 100ft- maximum depth)

The “sisters islands” are reserved as our eco dive safari special knockout suprise! Galapagos like rocky outcropping cliffs and canyons are tapestried in a thick growth of healthy, colourful low profile corals and sponges. This site combines awesome blue water diving (2 minutes off shore) with spectacular tropical reef topography, an impressive abundance and stunning variety of marine tropical wildlife and large pelagic species such as rays and a variety of sharks including schooling golden hammerheads! The hammerhead sharks circumnavigate around the sisters rock islands during the winter months in large schools which give the “sleep swimming” giants safety in numbers.

What you will discover about Tobago beyond the outrageous diving, is the interaction of the dive operation and the development of diver education for the promotion of diver ecology. The local people and Scuba Adventure Safari have developed a relationship to promote tourism without destroying the natural tranquility of the island.

Scuba Adventure Safari promote the respectful interaction of our divers with the marine environment. As you will discover, our staff will assist you in this understanding and with the positive interaction with our unique system. We believe in the idea that divers are responsible and aware of the need for vigilance. Scuba Adventure Safari let you dive in complete safety yet with the freedom to enjoy the experience.

Learn To Scuba

Scuba Adventure Safari Dive Centers meet criteria that reflect continuing dedication and commitment to supporting PADI’s Three E’s of diving Education, Equipment and Experience. The IDC rating shows a strong commitment to developing dive professionals by providing educational programs from entry level through dive master training.

School’s in session at Scuba Adventure Safari featuring PADI Scuba Association beginner and advanced certifications. Scuba courses include equipment, materials and boat dives as appropriate.


  • PADI Discover Scuba Diving Experience {1 confined & 1 open water}
  • PADI Scuba Diver Certification {inc. 2 dives}
  • PADI Scuba Referral Certification {inc. 4 dives}
  • PADI Open Water Certification {inc. 4 dives}
  • PADI Advanced Diver Certification {inc. 5 dives}
  • PADI Open Water & Advanced Diver Certification {inc. 9 dives}
  • PADI Rescue Diver Certification {inc. 5 sessions}
  • PADI Emergency First Response
  • PADI Divemaster Certification {inc. 10 dives}
  • PADI Specialties {inc. 15 dives}
  • Multi-level, Peak Performance Bouyancy, Underwater Naturalist, Marine Identification, U/W Photographer, U/W Navigator, Search & Recovery

Tobago General Info

The best quote that I have heard coming from this Island called Tobago is; “the shortest distance between two points is not in Tobago”. In a word, curves and plenty of them. If speed is your need, not on this island. Tobago is set on speed of Warp factor slow and you will be forced into the calm and relaxing pace of this island in the sun.



Courland Monument, Plymouth

Some of Tobago’s earliest settlers were in Courland (now part of Latvia): descendants gather regularly in Tobago to maintain the link. A fine sculpture by Janis Minitiks commemorates the 17th century settlers who gave their name to the great sweep of the south of Plymouth.

Mystery Tombstone, Plymouth

The inscription on this 18th century tombstone has long puzzled passers-by. It records that Betty Stiven “was a mother without knowing it, and a wife without letting her husband know it, except by her kind indulgence to him”.

Arnos Vale Waterwheel and Nature Park

Little is left of the old 18th century sugar factory, but the waterwheel that powered that mill is still there, and has been restored and enhanced with a nature park, a museum, gift shop, restaurant and bar. Excellent for bird-watching. Open daily at 0830 to 2230.

Adventure Farm and Nature Reserve, Arnos Vale

This 12 acre estate on the Arnos Vale Road is notorious for ; birds butterflies, iguanas, mangoes and citrus orchards . Open Monday through Friday; 0700 to 1700.

Grafton Caledonia Wildlife Sanctuary, Black Rock

This bird sanctuary was once a cocoa estate, after the devastating hurricane of 1963, the owner took to feeding the wild birds whose forest habitat had been destroyed. After she died, the estate was willed to her family on the condition that it remained a wildlife sanctuary. The Mot mots sometimes still come out of the forest at four in the afternoon, the old feeding time. These shy birds allow themselves to be fed by hand. Trails into the bush have been cleared for nature hikers.

Kimme Museum

A little way up the road past Mt. Irvine Bay Hotel is the workshop and gallery of German sculptor Luise Kimme, who has made Tobago a large part of her life’s work. Massive wooden blocks are turned into graceful dancers, young girls, lovers and mothers with children. Viewing on Sunday or by appointment.

Mt. Irvine Golf Course

A 18-hole championship course attached to Mt. Irvine Bay Hotel.

Buccoo Reef

A protected marine park off Pigeon Point/Store Bay ( trips conducted by SCUBA ADVENTURE SAFARI), abounded by Tobago’s most famous reef. Daily glass bottom tours allow even non-swimmers the opportunity to see the reef life. Trip includes a swim in the Nylon Pool, a warm shallow area in the middle of the lagoon. Trips begin at 1100.

There is a whole day excursion to No Man’s Land – a sandy spit reaching into the lagoon, this makes for an excellent beach Bar-B-Que. and rum punch party. If you are interested call SCUBA ADVENTURE SAFARI.

Pigeon Point

Tobago’s most famous beach, a white sand idyll, an entrance fee gives you access to changing rooms, thatch shaded seating areas, restaurant and bar.

Store Bay

This is Tobago’s most popular beach. A hearty appetite should be brought because of the congregation of local food vendors. Itinerant vendors and craftsmen sell everything imaginable in the kiosks located by the beach.

Fort Bennett, Black Rock

From the ruins of one of Tobago’s oldest forts, you get a beautiful view of the west coast.



Fort Granby

Not much remains of this fort, which once guarded Georgetown, Tobago’s first Capital, except for the grave of a young unknown soldier. But the wild, windswept promontory with its sweeping view is worth the visit.

Richmond Great House

An elegantly restored plantation house, Great House dating from 1766, with early 20th century furniture. It houses a collection of African textiles and carvings, and is now a five-room guesthouse with restaurant. Guided tours available.

Argyle Waterfall, Roxborough

A lovely three-tiered waterfall near Roxborough, with deep cool pools for swimming. Trained guides are available.

Louis d’Or Nurseries, Roxborough

The nurseries house has a wide range of flowering plants, shrubs, and tropical fruit trees, etc. Open Daily.

Little Tobago Island, Speyside

Facing the village of Speyside, this small offshore island is one of the most important seabird sanctuaries of the Caribbean. The Red-billed Tropic birds are spectacular from October to June. Tours held at 1000 and 1400.

Capri Isle, Goat Island, Speyside

This is an ultra exclusive luxury hotel, located between Tobago and Little Tobago. This hotel has the most romantic view of the island of Tobago and of the Atlantic Ocean. It can entertain four couples at any one time. You will be in the lap of luxury, with private access to the ocean, Direct TV, maid and butler service and satellite telephone. This island is privately owned, and there is no fear of crowds or encountering guests than those of YOUR choosing. You will be completely taken care of; all amenities are included. Treat yourself like a King or Queen, be pampered, and bring your loyal subjects along. You will be completely taken care of, however, only Scuba Adventure Safari can arrange your desires.

Flagstaff Hill, Charlotteville

This is the northern tip of Tobago, reached via an unsurfaced road from the crest of the hill before descending into Charlotteville. During World War II, it was the site of an American military lookout and radio tower. The view is panoramic, encompassing St. Giles Islands and the village of Charlotteville. Sunsets from this spot are spectacular.



Witch’s Grave, Golden Lane

In the hill village of Golden Lane is the grave of Gang Gang Sara, according to local legend, she was an African witch who flew to Tobago centuries ago and was unable to fly back because she had eaten salt.

Englishman’s Bay

There is no village here – just emerald forest and brilliant blue sea. It is one of the loveliest beaches in Tobago.

Castara, Parlatuvier, Bloody Bay and L’Anse Fourmi

The villages of the north coast are extremely picturesque, with small houses and sheltered blue bays. The approach to Parlatuvier from the hills to the south is particularly memorable.

Main Ridge Forest Reserve

The mountainous spine of Tobago supports the oldest forest reserve in the western hemisphere. It was established in the 1760’s, shortly after the island fell into British Rule. Trips into the rain forest on Gilpin/Niplig trail are offered by Steven Broadbridge an expert on Trinidad and Tobago’s eco-system. Call Scuba Adventure Safari.

Tobago in a coconut shell

Official Name
The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.

Capital City of Tobago

International Airport of Tobago
Crown Point Airport, 7 miles from Scarborough

Air Canada, American Airlines, BWIA, International Airways and British Caledonian

Travel Documents
Passport and Airline ticket

45,000 estimate

Official language

TT (Trinidad and Tobago dollar) or US Dollar

$1, $5, $10, $20 and $100

Exchange Rate
TT’s float with the US dollar

Departure Tax $100.00 (TT). Plan ahead this taxes must be paid in local currency Hotel Taxes10% service charge and 10% Room tax value Value Added Tax (VAT)15% on all goods and services

Time Zone
Summer: EST (Eastern Standard Time), equivalent to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) -5 hours; Winter: EST 1, GMT -4. Daylight saving times is not served.

Ethnic Profile
Profile 39.6% Black 40.3% East Indian 18.4% Moat 0.6% European 0.4% Chinese 0.6% other

The local area code is 868. There is internet and fax access through the island.

Size of Tobago
26 miles by 7 miles

Highest Point
Pigeon Peak ; 1860 feet

120volts/60cycles and available 220volts

Mild to hot depending on the strong trade winds, however in the winter months it is noticeable cooler at night

70 to 90f depending on the time of the year

Rainy Season
June through December (heaviest in Oct/Nov)

Dive Season
All year, the weather is not a factor

Remember this was a British colony and at times suffers from tradition. During the daylight hours the majority allow beach wear. However, there are some locales that believe in light casual attire, even at the beach. Evening dining on the island is light casual to light formal. If in doubt call ahead.

Business / Social Customs
For meetings men should wear a lightweight suit, this may be alternated with a blazer and tie. Women should wear an equivalent attire. It is customary to shake hands on meeting and taking leave of the host. Business cards are exchanged after introductory formalities. Some companies and individuals are quite formal whereas others rapidly dispenses with the formalities.

Tap water is safe to drink, however I would recommend buying distilled or bottle water

Left hand

Emergency Services
Police; dial 999, Fire and Ambulance dial 990

Bank of Commerce, Bank of Nova Scotia, First Citizens Bank, Republic Bank, Royal Bank and Citibank. ATM’s are available in the airport and at Scarborough. The banking system uses the LINX which enables clients access to accounts from any ATM regardless of the agency in the country. ATMs can also be used to access advance cash withdrawals for VISA and MasterCard

Trinidad Express, Trinidad Guardian, NewsDay, The TNT Mirror, Catholic News, Tobago News, Bomb, Blast, Show Time and The Independent

TTT (channels 2, 9, 13 and 14); CNN (channels 4 and 16)

NBS (610AM), Radio Trinidad (730AM), GEM Radio (93FM), Rhythm Radio (95.1FM), WEFM (96FM), Music Radio (97.1), RadiYo (98.9FM), NBS (100FM), WABC (103FM), Radio Tempo (105FM) and Classic Radio (106FM)

Other Sporting Activities
Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Soccer/Football, Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, Rugby, Sailing, Sport fishing, Sea kayaking, snorkeling, mountain bike riding, horse back riding, ect.

Love Tobagonian Style

Love Tobagonian Style!

If it is true that love makes the world go round, then Tobago is the ideal place to get your head in a spin. The sea, the sand, the moonlit nights and balmy breezes are all the ingredients in our intoxicating love potion.

Small bays make terrific hideaways for loving twosomes. The ocean beckons in a dozen ways. On any day, on any beach, a spectacular sunset (or sunrise) is almost guaranteed. A wonderful place to catch the sunset is Flagstaff Hill, overlooking Charlotteville; take along a suitable chilled bottle of wine.

Romantic lobster dinners served by candlelight; long walks in beautiful places; holding hands on a rustic bench as you watch the pelicans diving into a translucent sea; sipping a golden rum punch to the gentle music of a tenor pan; waking to the bird song and sleeping to the surge of the ocean. No doubt about it; Tobago is for lovers.

……and Marriage

Should the romantic urge get the better of you, new laws have made it easy and convenient to get married in Tobago. Three days’ local residence and a minor amount of paperwork, is all it takes. Fees are eminently reasonable.

Many hotels are happy to help you with wedding arrangements (you can also contact the General Manager at SCUBA ADVENTURE SAFARI for help), catering the refreshment (including the wedding cake), and providing accommodation for guests. They will take care of the paperwork and arrange special extras such as a priest or minister, a steel band or a videotape of the ceremony. The more imaginative (or adventurous) can be married on a beach, a boat, under a waterfall or even 40 feet underwater.

Whatever your choice, its just a Special Marriage License away. Once you have been in the country three days, you can apply for one at the Warden’s Office IDC Mall. The license cost $30TT; valid identification (passport) is required and widow(er) or divorced persons must show documentary proof. For a further fee of $50TT, the ceremony can be performed in the Warden’s Office. The marriage certificate must subsequently be taken to the Registrar Office in Scarborough to be registered. Stamp duty for this service is $25.00TT

Did we hear you say “I do”? !Splendid!

Frequently Asked Questions

Top 10 reasons why I should Dive with Scuba Adventure Safari

  • We offer the most spectacular experience in Scuba Diving, Water Sports and Eco-Safaris.
  • We specialize in high quality, personalized customer service and professionalism.
  • Your safety and enjoyment is our first priority.
  • All of our Dive Team Professionals are PADI Certified and Insured, with many years of local and international diving experience.
  • Our dive boat, “Event Horizon”, is Tobago’s 1st and only custom-built Island Hopper Pro Dive Boat. She is fully equipped and provides the safest most luxurious dive experience imaginable!
  • We have a PADI Course Director, IDC Staff Instructor, Marine Biologist and Environmentalist on staff and our friendly, multi-cultured team speak a variety of languages for your convenience.
  • Our world class PADI Dive Centre is conveniently located en route to Pigeon Point Beach – just minutes away from Crown Point Airport and many of Tobago’s best dive sites.
  • We specialize in cutting edge diver training and provide the complete range of PADI educational certification courses and experiences.
  • We are a 100% eco-friendly and environmentally conscious operation and specialize in unique above and underwater experiences and exciting encounters with exotic terrestrial and marine wildlife.
  • Do you really need a number 10?

What kind of dive boat do you use?

Our dive boat is a professionally built vessel. It is not a converted anything. We went to Island Hopper in the United States for the EVENT HORIZON. The EVENT HORIZON is a 30’ custom dive boat. She is 12’ wide. Her top speed is 30 knots. The EVENT HORIZON has tanks racks, comfortable seating for 15 divers, a fresh water shower and camera tank, a sun deck, drinks, fresh fruits, a dive platform, a dive ladder and a US Coast Guard licensed Captain. Excluding groups we normally recommend a max number of 8 – 10 to ensure personal attention and maximum luxurious comfort.

What if I have special needs, I am physically challenged?

We have a Handicapped Scuba Instructor

Sounds impressive, what else can you tell me about SCUBA ADVENTURE SAFARI?

We have completed renovations on our 4000 sqft state-of-the-art retail/education facility. This facility is reminiscent of the dive centers located in the well established dive market. Complete audio/visual classrooms, repair department for all major brands of dive equipment, dive computers, photography equipment, all new dive equipment, storage lockers for customer equipment, retail of local arts and crafts, air conditioned for comfortable studying, a complete line of scuba equipment and air handling system with three safety filters to ensure air quality. Our dive team are made up of different cultures reflective of the island. We are committed to developing the skills and talent of Tobagonians. We are in the final stages of an internship program for locals who want a career in the hospitality industry, specifically diving. Although, we are in the business of doing business, we want to return something to our people who allow us all the opportunity to enjoy our island.

Are photography and video services available?

Yes, absolutely. Our dive team are trained in the use of the Nikonos III, IV and V cameras. We have available for rent and training the SEA and SEA motor marine cameras including the strobe. We use NTSC video format. Also we have for purchase several point and shoot disposal underwater cameras good to 30’. We can have your film processed right next door. We will also be able to provide on site E-6 processing. Remember, at your disposal you can stop by the facility and review your day’s shoot using our video equipment or slide projector.

I am not a PADI diver do I need anything different?

No, under the current international diving agreements, no matter who did your initial training you can complete your training via a certified diving Instructor. The only thing you need to ensure is that you bring a completed referral form and a current medical permitting you to dive. Our referral fee includes all the diving equipment you will need with the exception of your personal snorkeling equipment.

I want to complete my certification in Tobago what do I need?

All a PADI student will need is their academic and/or confined instructor to sign and complete a student referral, bring a PIC and a photo. If your instructor fails to provide them or it is not part of your tuition we do have them available for purchase.

I use a DIN system, are there any special consideration I should be aware of?

No, we have available for rent a DIN to Yoke conversion kit. Currently, we do not have DIN systems.

Do you offer night dives?

Absolutely! Once there is the demand to explore the marine world while nocturnal species come alive, we will take you on a real underwater safari.

Are tanks and weights included?

Yes, for all divers who are currently signed up with SCUBA ADVENTURE SAFARI.

Is there beach diving?

Yes and no. Although we have many beautiful beaches, the beach diving is sub par. The reef system near shore is better explored via snorkeling versus diving.

I will need to rent equipment, can I get it from you?

Yes, we have available for rent; masks, fins, snorkels, weights and weight belts, BCD, Regulators with Octs, SPGs and Dive Computers, Compasses, Cameras and lights. If it is used to dive, we have it.

Where can I keep my equipment?

As a registered diver at SCUBA ADVENTURE SAFARI you are more than welcome to use the personal locker spaces at the facility. The lockers are individualised, safe and secure. Our staff will rinse and hang dry your equipment and make it available for each and every dive.

What is your safety record?

We believe in safety first. Diving can be the safest sport in the world. Most accidents that occur in the diving environment are related to carelessness. Men and women who observe the recommended diving protocols are able to enjoy their sport of choice for many years. Not all accidents are preventable. However, the majority are and at SCUBA ADVENTURE SAFARI we believe in prevention. Our boat captain and a Divemaster remain on board the EVENT HORIZON to keep a vigilant eye on our divers. We are interested more in your enjoyment than racing back and forth from dive site to dive site. We pride ourselves not in full throttle, wave jumping approach to diving, but a relaxing and enjoyable dive. The difference, your back and equipment will not be worse for the wear.

Do I have to do a back-roll entry just to enter the water?

Not necessarily, however when diving aboard a pirogue then the back-roll is appropriate. The safest and easiest entry in diving today is the giant stride entry. It allows for the safest and most convenient transition to the underwater world. We enter the water via a giant stride off the dive platform when diving aboard the “Event Horizon.”

Do I really have to remove all my equipment to exit the water?

NO. For safety reasons primarily. Your BCD and Tank are the greatest source of flotation that you carry. In the unlikely event you fall back into the water you will have your flotation equipment with you.

Do you have a camera set-up table and tank on the boat?

Yes. Scuba Adventure Safari are avid photographers and appreciate the need for a functional and sturdy table to work on. The Event Horizon has an air gun to blow dry o-rings. We also have a camera tank to protect cameras during the ride out/in and during the ride between dive sites.

Do I have to walk into the surf to board Event Horizon?

NO. We board via the Pigeon Point Jetty so its all very civilized and dry!

What kind of dives do you do?

Scuba Adventure Safari offer a two tank morning dive and a one/two tank afternoon dive. We chose this format to allow you ample time to enjoy the other activities on our island

Do I need to make reservations?

Yes, if you want a guaranteed seat aboard EVENT HORIZON. However, we accept passengers right to the moment of departure. We leave on time. Late comers will be offered the opportunity to dive on the next available charter. As for night dives they are single tank dives.

What should I bring to go diving with SCUBA ADVENTURE SAFARI?

Your certification card, log book and all your diving equipment. If you need equipment let us know and we will outfit you with the finest quality rental gear!.

What is the maximum capacity of your dive boat?

The EVENT HORIZON is US Coast Guard certified for 22 passengers or 15 divers. But if you hate a cattle boat as much as we do then you will understand the limit to 8 OR 12 divers for charter groups. Your safety and comfort is our #1 priority. 12 divers on the EVENT HORIZON leaves plenty of room for everyone. 8 divers and less is luxury diving at its best!

How often are your dive trips?

We conduct two two tank dive adventures per day. They consist of a two tank dive each, with the exception of the night dive which is a single tank dive. We offer morning dives which depart the dock at 9:00am and return at lunch time. Our second trip for the day departs at approx 14:00 and returns before sunset. The night dive departs at sunset. Our special eco-excursion trips are all day affairs. Departing as early as 8:00am and returning before sunset.

Do I have to dive the Divemaster’s profile?

No and yes. There are several sites that are very unusual. Because of the high speed drift dives we conduct, we do require a group effort. There is safety in numbers. Other than tricky sites no. If your skill level is appropriate for the dive location, have a blast you are certified. We will require that divers who do not use a dive computer follow the Divemaster’s profile. If not, that is why the DIVE GODS created dive computers. Regardless, every diver is required to perform a recommended safety (15 ft/5m for 3 minutes) stop as suggested by DAN (The Divers Alert Network).

Can I use my dive computer?

I think you know our answer to that, but YES.

I don’t have a dive computer can I rent one?

Yes, however if you are using it for the first time you will need to take the safety course prior to diving with a diving computer.

What will I see when I make a dive with SCUBA ADVENTURE SAFARI?

There are hundreds of fish species that thrive amidst the forests of hard and soft corals and sponges. During your dive it would not be unusual to see sharks, turtles and manta rays. What makes Tobago so exciting is the 30 species of corals and the dazzling array of juveniles. Bring your Fish Identification and Coral Identification books.

Is there any wreck diving?

Yes, the 274-foot Scarlet Ibis, which once provided ferry service between Tobago and Trinidad. The Scarlet Ibis was deliberately sunk three quarters of a mile from Mount Irvine. This ferry allows for excellent swim through like; the main car areas plus through the engine room. There is a 400 lb resident grouper who will greet you as you descend down the anchor line. The bottom is in 100 feet with the relief at 55 feet. However, the majority of the dive is done at 80 feet. We think you will enjoy this wreck. The skill level is considered for advanced divers only because of the depth.

Is there drift diving?

Yes, the current flows anywhere between 0.25 – 8.0 knots at the most southern tip. Dives like Divers Dream and Flying Reef are examples of the drift diving here. So strong are the current that bubbles may go down before going up. Its a roller coaster ride of fun.

What is the visibility?

During the rainy season visibility drops to 50 -80 feet, but usually hovers around 100 to 110 plus during the dry season.

Is a wetsuit really necessary?

Yes and no. During the rainy season the air temperature drops into the seventies and you may find that the second dive a little cooler. But if you are HOT blooded then dive in what you feel is most comfortable. Water temp. is typically 78oF-82oF.

What if I am a snorkeler?

Great, many of our dive sites are compatible for snorkeling. We also conduct snorkeling safaris to Arnos Vale, Kariwak and Mt. Irvine Reefs. Scuba Adventure Safari provide the snorkeling vest and we have snorkeling equipment available.

What is the ratio of staff to divers?

Scuba Adventure Safari have a ratio of 5 certified divers : 1 dive professional. However, the ratio may be more personalised depending on YOUR dive comfort level. The ratio will never be greater, only less. We can arrange a private Divemaster if you feel the need. We like to let our divers enjoy the aquatic environment as much as possible. Unless a diver demonstrates a total lack of regard for safety, we want you to dive free of unnecessary restraints.

How many dive sites are there in Tobago?

Infinite and we dive everywhere – all around the island. The variety of sites cater to the very experienced certified divers as well as beginners.

Are you on island time or do you really leave on time?

Because there is so much to do with SCUBA ADVENTURE SAFARI, we need to be on time. Many guests want to do jungle safaris and visit the spectacular water falls. Being on time is a necessity.

I don’t want to rent a car in Tobago, what can I do?

Scuba Adventure Safari provide pickup service to and from all our excursions. As far as your need to go diving or on the nature hikes you are taken care of. There are many restaurants and night locales in close proximity to each other at Crown Point.

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