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This is Swim King Dive Shop. Located in Rocky Point, NY on Long Island. Just minutes from the Long Island Sound. If you are a SCUBA diver visiting Long Island then Swim King should defiantly be on your list of attractions. If you are a local diver, or toying with the idea of becoming one then you probably already know (or will soon) that Swim King is one of the most well stocked SCUBA facilities between Montauk and Manhattan. Not only that but Swim King also offer a wide variety of certification programs, have a full service repair department, a travel consultant, and a fill station capable of filling your tanks with any type of breathing media you could possibly need. If you love being underwater you’ll love our shop. Stop in soon!


SCUBA diving is an activity that can be enjoyed by almost anyone. We have programs for children starting at 8 years old, and have certified people over 70 years of age. Our full certification programs are open to anyone 10 years of age or older.

The instructors at Swim King are some of the most experienced on all of Long Island. They have been teaching prople how to dive since the early ’70’s, and have logged thousands of hours under water all over the world.

We offer a wide variety of programs from several of the leading training agencies. If you are not certified yet the place to start is the Open water Diver program. After you earn this certification you can participate in other programs such as the very popular and highly reccommended Advanced Open Water and Nitrox programs. These are the most popular certifications we offer.

Local Diving

On Long Island there are two types of divers. Those who dive locally, and those who don’t. The ones who don’t are missing out on some fantastic diving right in their own back yard. We are surrounded by water and many excellent dive sites. Our north shore is a great place for beginners to hone their skills, or for experienced divers to make a nice relaxing dive in calm water. Our south shore has some of the best, and most well known wreck diving on the entire east coast of the U. S. If you are a tropical diver who has yet to dive the waters of long island give us a call to arrange an orientation dive. The water is at its warmest from late June through early September.

At Swim King we operate a small boat for diving the north shore of Long Island. There are also several charter operations that bring divers to the shipwrecks off the south shore of the island. We recommend the Jean Marie which operates out of Jackson Marina in Hampton Bays.

Dive Travel

Magnificent sunsets, tropical breezes, clear warm water and colorful marine life. These are just a couple of reasons why many divers like to travel to diving destinations in the caribbean, Mexico, the Bahamas, and in the south pacific. Diving is an adventure sport and when you combine it with travel it makes it that much more of an adventure.

At Swim King we run several group dive trips per year. Trips to caribbean destinations usually take place during winter months but we occasionally will run them in the spring or towards the end of summer. these trips are usually for 8 days and 7 nights. Trips to the south pacific are usually during summer months and can run anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks in duration.

We have been traveling to the worlds best dive destinations for over 20 years and also specialize in booking trips for small groups or individuals who are unable to join us on one of our group trips.


At Swim King we have always felt that divers should support their local dive shop, after all, we are a dive shop and it’s our local customers whose business has kept us going for over 20 years. If it weren’t for your local dive shop where would you go for advice, information on local diving, equipment repairs, training, and air for your tanks. The age of the internet and mega-mailorder discount houses have crept into the increasingly competitive dive business (many of which aren’t even run by actual scuba divers). As a result we have decided to gently enter the world of e-commerce. We won’t be taking a giant stride by offering our full inventory on line, only unique pieces of equipment and accessory items we feel might be hard to find at your average dive store. Take a look around and check back occasionally as we gradually add more equipment to the store.

Happy Shopping!

Scubapro Signal Mirror

A great safety item to have when out off shore.

Dive Alert Air Horn

Air powered surface signaling device for those dives when you come up way too far from the boat.

Carter 50lb. Lift Bag

Super heavy duty lift bag by Carter.

Highland SR1

High quality Shoulder Staging Ring by Highland, makers of the most precision stainless accessories in the industry.
fits on any 2″ nylon web strap.

Highland SR2

The SR2 is a moveable waist staging ring. It’s precision made by Highland from the best stainless available

Reef SCUBA Wreck Reel

This reel has 250′ of 1/8″ nylon line and large winding and tension knobs for easy use with thick gloves. Anodized aluminum.

OMS Heavy Duty Shears

These heavy duty cutting shears are the best we sell and can be purchased with or without the utility pocket pictured.

Reef Scuba X Bracket

The X Bracket is great for mounting small pony bottles to the standard velcro cam bands that come on most BC’s

Trim Weight Pockets

These nylon weight pockets will slide onto any 2″ nylon web strap and can hold up to 5lbs of lead. Work best with soft weights.

Nut Buster

Hammer with chisel that is stored inside the handle of the hammer. Great tool for wreck divers and salvage divers.

Titanium Crowbar

It’s a crowbar but as far as crow bars are concerned it’s pretty high-tec. Super strong and super light. Designed for wreck divers who can’t bear the thought of entering the water with any more weight.

Manta Spring Straps

Tired of messing around with those plastic quick release buckles? Try a set of these super heavy duty stainless spring straps. Makes donning and doffing fins much easier and they’ll never break!

raymond March 27, 2019


Do you carry Aqualung Aquasphere Sphera Mask?



Edward June 19, 2019

Hi, I hope I’m in the right place for this. I live here in the USA but my wife runs a facility in Norway. I’m interested in your products. DO you have an online catalog? Could you get back to me with your best pricing and availability. Just to let you know, they would be picked up by a carrier that shipped to my wife previously after I pay for them and when the order is ready. I look forward to your timely response.



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