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The Dive Shop, located between Soldotna and Sterling, is approximately 140 miles SW of Anchorage. It is a beautiful 2 hr. drive to the wonderous dive sites in Seward’s Resurrection Bay. So, if you are heading this way for world renowned King, Red and Silver salmon fishing, Halibut fishing, hiking, rafting, kayaking, canoeing or hunting, stop in for a day of diving.

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We dive off a 22 ft. SeaSport, between April and Oct. The boat is big enough to accommodate 4 divers, though 3 is best. Because space is limited, please no plastic totes. Gear bags only on board. It has an interior cabin for keeping dry and warm.

You can expect a 1/2-1 hr. ride to the sites but you won’t be bored because of the natural beauty of the mountains, bays and islands that surround the area. Along the way you are sure to see Sea Otters, seabirds and occasionally Sea Lions, Orcas and Humpback whales. The underwater realm is just as amazing. Sea Anemones reaching 3 ft. tall, 5 ft. Wolf Eels, 2 ft. diameter Sunflower Stars, Octopus and more. Orcas Out Of Homer.

There are also plenty of smaller creatures. Nudibranchs, Decorator Crabs, Brittle Stars, Feather Stars, Moon and Lion’s Mane Jellyfish, Sea Pens, and Shrimp. There’s various Rockfish, Kelp Greenlings, Sculpins and Salmon.

We make 2 dives on a typical day that lasts from about 9 AM to 5 PM, depending mostly on the tide schedule. If you arrive in Seward by cruise ship or train, we also take into account those schedules. Sorry, no half days.

Visibility can vary 10-40 ft in the summer, better in the fall, and best in the winter because of less plankton bloom. The diving may be what you consider deep. 70-100 ft. is average depth. The plankton bloom lingers down to about 50 ft. and we generally have to bust thru that before the vis opens up. Water temps also vary between 40-60F degrees, but you can generally bet on around 50F at mid-summer. The dives themselves usually last about 45 min. and maybe longer. Definitely shorter if you are diving wet. An average wetsuit dive lasts about 20 min. but then that depends on your stamina.

ALSO PERTAINING TO WETSUITS: I will only take you in a wetsuit if you can SHOW PROOF that you are accustomed to diving wet in sea water AND in 50 degree water. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Bring warm clothes, your own food and beverages, and an appetite for adventure.


Enjoy the rustic nature of a real Alaskan custom log home, in the woods. At this time we have a single basement room with a log post queen-size bed available. There is a TV, radio/cassette/CD player, recliner, microwave, and treadmill in your room. You will have all the privacy you need, with your own entrance door and bathroom. You are also welcome to make yourself at home throughout the house. Lounge out on the deck and you may see moose and squirrel, eagles, porcupines, owls or maybe even caribou. You may want to relax in the hot tub that’s located just off the front deck, or how about a wood fired sauna that’s out in back of the house. And yes, breakfast is included.

  • Single Occupancy
  • Double Occupancy


The diving community around the peninsula is small, but growing. For this reason, I am now only dealing with recreational diving. My 4 main dealerships are there to the right. Everything from masks, fins and snorkels to regulators and BCD’s. The Dive Shop also sell misc. items from AMICO, Innovative Scuba Concepts, Inc., National Divers Mfg., Scuba Max and Sport Divers Mfg. Because of the small diving population in the area, stock is limited, but I can generally have orders in 1-2 wks.


The Dive Shop have a full line of rental gear, but again my stock is limited. The Dive ShopI have drysuits ranging from Viking X-Treme (S-XLG) and a USIA trilaminate in XL. I have only three 6.5mm farmer-john wetsuits (MED, LG, XL) for you hardcore folks. BCD’s range from XS-XL and all are wt. integrated.


A little history: I began diving the lakes of Minnesota in 1975. Moved to Alaska in 1976 and reaped a bountiful harvest, diving for kelp and herring roe, in the late 70’s. After my wife and I finished building our Alaskan log home, and still managing to stay wet all those years, I headed down to Pro Dive in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to get my PADI Open Water Instructor’s Certificate. At this time I am only teaching Open water, Advanced, Medic First Aid and Rescue Diver classes.

  • Open Water Diver, includes drysuit training
  • Open Water Referral
  • Drysuit Training
  • Advanced OW Diver
  • Rescue Diver
Katrina January 14, 2018

Hello from Australia!

I am heading over to Canada/Alaska in September. As a marine biology graduate and dive instructor, i thought what a perfect opportunity to explore ecosystems completely different from the Great Barrier Reef that i am currently spoilt with. As such, I am trying to find dive operators on the west coast.

I have a couple of questions I was hoping you may be able to assist with.

1) will you guys be operating in September?

2) where abouts do you guys go?

3) how much is it to come out with you guys?

4) do you guys dive with wet suits or dry suits?

5) what is the address for the dive shop?

6) is there much in the way of accomodation in the area? and/or does the dive shop have accomodation? How much per night?

7) im planning on driving down the coast from anchorage to vancouver. Could you recommend any other must see dive spots/operators?

8) as i will be driving, and i do not know the area, is there any mountain ranges with high altitude I should consider and plan my dive/drive around?

I am sorry for all the questions.
Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

I look forward to hearing back and hopefully do diving in the not to distant future 🙂

Kind Regards


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