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The Titanic Diving Center is situated 18km in the South of Hurghada, in an amazing bay directly located at the Red Sea in the hotel titanic beach.

They offer beginner- and advanced courses according to PADI/SSI/CMAS.

For the certified divers titanic diving center organize additionally mini-safaris and weekly live-aboard to the more distanced sights of the Egyptian underwater world.

Fun and recreation

To provide the fun in diving is of course the most important target for us. The best evidence is you, our guests. Most of them do not only come once a year, but visit us regularly since we’ve opened.


Titanic Diving Center is one of the first diving centers in Hurghada, which dealing with diving boats according to the needs of the divers.


Titanic diving center offering very good service, our new equipments, good quality equipments give us lots of advantages.


In a very short time we become very famous and you can check by yourself all the websites are recommending our diving service for all beginners and professional divers.


The good reputation of the diving centre has also been officially rewarded and rated excellently “for the correct equipped diving centre, security and techniques in the service and security of the divers in and above the water”.

Table of Content

The Dive Center

The centre is big enough and you will see by yourself, Diving at its best. titanic diving center offer you a diving program, which cannot be equaled in Hurghada. Safety and service are written in capital letters since we’ve opened.

You will have a comfortable start in diving with the hotel’s own marina directly located at the diving centre. Short distances and the transport of the equipment by our Egyptian team will provide you easy diving without any stress.

As titanic diving center want to have it as convenient as possible, you can leave your equipment in a numbered box on the boat till the next day. We want you to relax – our team is always at your service.

But if you prefer to wash your equipment daily, our Egyptian team will undertake this work very seriously for you.
For drying and storing of the equipment we offer two separate rooms.

The state of the art rental equipment is really brand-new and on a high-techniqual standard. Our professional staff in our own workshop implements the care and maintenance.

-ABC equipment and masks with optical lenses, dioptrically correction minus and plus
-Suits according to the season from 3mm to 7mm
-Regulator all with octopus and fin meter
-ADV jackets
-Air- and Nitrox-computer
-Compass, depth-gauge
-Digital cameras
-Weight, belt

Titanic diving center extensive range of equipment for the kids includes 5 liters steel tanks, suits from size 128 to 152, special BCDs and ABC equipment.

Titanic diving center new compressor with an additional after-cleansing-system ensures you always breathe fresh air. Nitrox is standard.

Ttitanic diving center small shop offers several things; from our own sportswear and diving equipment to books and other souvenirs.

After diving you can spent your time chatting with your new diving friends in our big terrace in front of our diving center.

Boat and Crew

The boat is 36 m length, 7.5 m width,2 engine machine,9 rooms double cabinet ,2 suite,2 big compressor,2 zodiac 40 horse power each ,DVD ,LCD screen 40 inch, playstation.


-Captain who has more than enough experience to give the feeling of being secured.
-2 chief, 5 sailors, 2 persons who are responsible for the zodiac,2 instructors.

The liveaboard south safari:

-7 days, 6 nights, 3 dives a day plus night dive, including 2 dive guide, food, soft drinks, snacks, and transfer.
-Brother Island Trip starting from Marsa Ghalib
-Dedalous Island Trip starting from Marsa Ghalib
-Saint John Island Trip starting from Marsa Alam
-Every week we’ve different program than these programs.


The Red Sea

The Diving Center belongs to the founding members and has taken part, that the reefs in the Red Sea provide enough buoys.

A system has been created, which protects the nature durably of the shortsightedness of the people.

Egypt is a wonderful country with a unique landscape and a great underwater world. The closest to Europe located tropical sea has its name from a periodical mass propagation of the algae “oscillatory erythraeum”, which colors the water red. The Red Sea stretches from the Gulf of Suez in the North to the strait of Bab el Mandeb, the “Gate of Tears”.

The average depth of the Red Sea is about 900 meters, although the deepest area, off the coast of Port Sudan, is more than 2700 meters deep.

Because of the almost total separation from the Indian Ocean, unique life forms evolved and created one of the best all year round diving destinations on earth, with water temperatures ranging from 21 degrees in the winter to 29 degrees in the summer.

The once small fishing village on the shores of the Red Sea has been famous among European divers since the mid eighties.

Within the tourism- and diving-boom it was foreseen that the natural balance of the reefs would not only be disturbed by the behavior of some not careful divers and snorkelers but also damaged.

Under the motto “Take only pictures, leave only bubbles”, a few diving centers in Hurghada founded the “Hurghada Environmental Protection & Conservation Association” in 1992.


The various diving courses are based on international guidelines and rules, from beginner to Assistant-Instructor-level.

If you just feel curious about diving, we offer an introduction diving session at the beach or in the pool daily free of charge. Here you can do your first breath under water under supervision of an instructor. If you feel comfortable, you can choose from a wide range of courses to become a real diver.

Hand-in-hand-diving is a program, which enables you to learn basic theory and skills necessary to do a boat dive with a qualified instructor.

The course is structured in easy-to-understand-modules.

The first and the third day you spend at the centre with confined water training and theory lessons in our air-conditioned classroom. The second and the last day you dive from the boat and enjoy corals and fishes of the Red Sea. EXCITING! For sure you will have a lot of fun.

Diving for Children

To ensure the best recreation for all family members, we offer special courses for kids.

Starting with the age of 8, there are special diving programs by PADI (Bubblemaker, Seal Team) or SSI (Scuba Ranger) to give you the chance for the first breath underwater.

Starting with the age of 10 you can do a course to receive an internationally accepted certificate, which allows you to dive with adults or diving instructors.

Family packages, special prices for children and a nursery directly in the diving centre for kids from one year up, if mum or dad wants to go diving.

Titanic diving center are looking forward to welcoming you!

Titanic diving center invite all kids together with their parents on board till the age of 12 for snorkeling – of course free of charge.


When creating our diving program, we tried to cover all your different needs.

Of course it is a pleasure for us to ensure that you will have the most comfortable and most exciting holidays as possible. Those, who want to get up early or those, who prefer sleeping longer, adventurer, kids and also the hard-boiled-ones shall get their money’s worth.

Titanic diving center also offer a nursery directly in the diving centre for kids from 1 year up, if mum or dad wants to go diving.

The full day-trip with 2 dives.

Start is at 8.30 a.m. – you are back at about 4 p.m. Between the dives you can just relax. There is also the possibility to have lunch on the boat, which is prepared by the crew. This has to be paid directly on board.

The early-morning-dives with 2 or 3 dives.

Start is at 6a.m. – You are back at about 4 p.m.You can enjoy our highlights, like wreck diving around Hurghada or one of the Drop-offs.

The night dives take place weekly, on request we can arrange it also daily.

The half day-trip is integrated in the full day-trip. This means you can either dive in the morning or in the afternoon – depending on which of the both dive sites you prefer.

The spare time on board you can spend as you like – swimming or snorkeling… or just relax and enjoy the beautiful landscape of Egypt.

During holiday times it is possible to fix different departure times after arrangement. At least we have to reach a minimum amount of divers for this.

On the longer special-trips we offer the wrecks of Abu Nuhas. These may really make your heartbeat going faster.
Also the dive sites located in the South, which we do not offer as normal full day-trips, may satisfy your desires; Panorama Reef, Abu Kafan, Salem Express.


Nitrox has become a must in the diving industry and a way of safer diving known and welcomed by most divers.

Nitrox has an increased element of oxygen with the advantage that the amount of nitrogen is reduced.

Diving with regular air you have 21% of oxygen in your tank, with Nitrox we use commonly 32% oxygen (EAN32).

Additionally to EAN32 you can also get EAN36. To make the most of Nitrox we even offer EAN28 for very special dive trips. With our partial air filling we can offer every certified diver 100% oxygen.

But what are the advantages of Nitrox?

Because of the reduced nitrogen in the air your body is absorbing less nitrogen during the dive. The danger of a decompression illness is decreased and you have longer non-decompression limits.

What do you have to consider while diving with Nitrox:

You have to be careful about your depth limit. Nitrox diving has nothing to do with diving deep. The higher partial pressure can become toxic if you do not follow the depth limits.

Despite many rumours the Nitrox courses are very easy and can be completed very quickly.

You usually need a day with 2 dives. The Nitrox theory you learn on the boat during the daily excursion and with your certificate you are allowed to dive with a Nitrox mixture of up to 40% oxygen (EAN40).

Titanic diving center can organize Nitrox courses at any time upon request.

Frodl March 05, 2018

Hallo ,
wir machen vom 29.9.-13.10.18 Urlaub im Titanic Palace. 1 Person möchte einen Tauchschein (Open water diver) bei euch machen. Könnt ihr uns Preise nennen, wir möchten schon gerne vorab den Tauchkurs buchen.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Libby October 22, 2018

I was able to find good acvice from your articles.


Ute September 01, 2019

Hello to egypt and the dive center crew! My sister and i are coming in october for a few days. We just want to do a few dives and we are diving since many years. Do we have to bring a medical certification? Many greetings from germany … silke and ute


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