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Welcome to Viking Divers. We are located on Koh Phi Phi a small island a short ferry ride away from Phuket, Krabi and Koh Lanta. Here we dive all year around, but the high season for us is November until April. Being situated in the Andaman sea the diversity of marine life here is astounding from small nudi-branches to the much larger Manta ray and Whale shark. We have even seen Pilot whales occasionally.

At Viking Divers we teach courses from one of the worlds largest dive agencies which is Scuba Schools International (SSI). We can also teach courses from some other leading dive agencies as well. Whichever dive agency or course you choose we are confident that you will enjoy your time at Viking, the staff are friendly, professional and knowledgeable, all courses are a maximum of four students to one instructor. In fact we stand by our motto which is “Fun-safe-professional.”

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Viking 1

The main dive boat has been designed to be the most comfortable boat on the island. We have a sun deck on the top and a spacious shaded area at the back. There’s plenty of room to kit up without being cramped and we always ensure that your trip never feels crowded or impersonal.

The dive masters and instructors only ever take out small groups so you’ll be ensured a personal service.

We also have a super-fast speedboat for trips to further way sites such as Hin Daeng/ Hin Muang and the King Cruiser wreck diving.

Viking 2

Viking 2 is the second boat and had a major overhaul and refit just recently. In fact returning customers will not believe that it is the same boat. As with any boat from Viking Divers it is painted …what else but Red.


The main shop (HQ)

We have two shops on Phi Phi Island. The Main one pictured is located approxiametly ten minutes walk from the main pier. The staff are multi-lingual, friendly and eager to assist.All the dive equipment is well known brands and kept in good working condition. Digital cameras are available for rent and we have a resident videographer who will film the days diving. Later in the evening you can view the video in the shop with a cold beer.


This is our second shop. It is situated in the heart of the Village. This is also were we have the majority of our retail equipment. Everything from fins and Mask, to Bcd’s regulators and dive computers for sale. Our dive customers get a special price. The shop is three floors high and on the top floor we have a roof top terrace were the customers can log dives over a drink if they wish.


Discover Scuba Diving

Never tried diving before and haven’t the time or maybe money to do the Open Water course?

Discover Scuba Diving is the one for you. Here at Viking Divers, we offer a 2 dive half day experience with instructor to introduce you to a whole new world. With small groups and lots of fun, our Instructors will introduce you to the basics and guide you at your own pace.Phi Phi is the perfect place to discover the underwater world and have a great day out. Come and wet your appetite!

Advanced Adventure Course

Looking to gain more experience and learn new activities and skills whilst having a lot of fun? Sign up for the Advanced Open Water course or Adventure dives.This course gives you the opportunity to try different types of diving and become a deep diver to 30 metres. Learn to navigate underwater so you always know where you are and feel confident about diving as a buddy team without a dive leader. Choose another 3 dives from a wide range of activities such as Wreck diving, Digital Photography, Night diving and many more. Want to improve your buoyancy and air consumption? Peak Performance Buoyancy is a great one to do – the benefits are amazing.

Rescue Diver Course

So much fun whilst gaining so much confidence, this course enables you to understand how to deal with diving emergencies. Learning both self rescue and how to assist and rescue other divers both on the surface and underwater. Identifying potential accidents before they happen and learning the most effective ways to diffuse any situation. One of the most beneficial dive courses and it only takes 3-4 days to complete this level. Every diver loves and remembers their Rescue Course.

Open water Course

Want to be certified to 18 metres? Become an Open Water Diver.With no more than 4 students to an instructor means lots of attention and practice given to each student and plenty of time actually diving (not just waiting and watching others doing their skills). Learn with our experienced instructors to become a very proficient, safe diver. This course takes 3-4 days Fun – Safe – Professional is our motto.

Emergency First Responder

First aid Training Emergency first response teaches practical skills useful for managing diving and non diving incidents – these skills could save someone’s life! This course is necessary for doing Rescue Course, however if you have had non Padi first aid training you may not need to complete before. Just bring copy of training with you.

Divemaster Course

Divemaster – The first step on the professional ladder.

This qualification will help in finding work at dive destinations around the world.We offer two ways to complete this course – either pay for the course, and do it in the time you wish (minimum of one month recommended) or Internship. A three month course with no payment, you study and work with us in the shop – great way to learn every aspect of being a dive professional. Diving everyday to assist instructors and learn how to guide other certified divers as well as the other duties a Divemaster is able to do.


There is a fantastically diverse range of dive sites within easy reach of Viking Divers on Phi Phi Island. All sites generally boast fantastic variations of marine life, hard and soft coral gardens, visiting pelagics and if your lucky you may even spot the odd Manta Ray or Whale Shark!

We have dives for the experienced and veteran divers, great places to learn to dive or brush up on you skills, wall dives, drift dives, pinnacle dives, shark dives and we even have a 80 meter long wreck dive!

All in all you’ll be hard pushed to be able to find such a diversity of dive sites that are within easy reach of such an idyllic island.

Bida Nok – Bida Nai

These are the local dives sites with the most diversity of life, suitable for all levels of experience. Schools of fish in the blue and covering the beautiful reefs, ranging from giant barracuda to trevali to yellow snapper. Blacktip reef sharks, leopard sharks, stingrays, moray, barracuda, seahorse, ghost pipefish and so much more. You will be in awe of these two sites and want to go back for more.

The Bida’s can be dived many times without recognizing the previous dives done there, so many dive routes to explore. Visit Fantasy reef and Finger reef for variation, they are stunning. An absolute must on Phi Phi marine park!

Shark Point Phuket

Three pinnacles – two of which are submerged, boast beautiful corals covering the entire reef and again like all our sites marine life galore. One great point of interest is the eel garden, a large table coral teeming with white eye moray, often 30-40 seen together, both hiding in the reef and free swimming around looking for a space to rest.

Eagle rays, marble rays, whale sharks have been spotted here from time to time and leopard sharks are a common site, often sleeping after a busy night hunting. If you are lucky you can spend your safety stop with them swimming around you!

Malong – Maya Bay “the beach”

If its turtles you want, then this is the site for you! Hawksbill turtles are common here, often found feeding on their favourite food – bubble coral and swimming to the surface for air. Up to 5-6 turtles can be spotted here including our infamous resident turtle Stumpy, so aptly named as one fin is missing.

Also a dive site for the weird and wonderful, spearing mantis shrimp, harlequin shrimps, flatworms, sea sponges and at the right time of year seahorses and ornate ghost pipefish. We normally surface in Maya Bay at the end of the dive, great way to end a day’s diving.

Anemone Reef

The name says it all, a stunning small pinnacle covered in soft corals – pink, purple, blue and white anemones!! Many species of moray are found here including the striking zebra moray, seahorses, ghost pipefish, snapper, chevron barracuda and leopard sharks sighted. This is a fantastic site for taking the camera, the colour is amazing. Generally dived when there is little current present so you can spiral from the sand to the surface.

Shark Point Phi Phi – Garang Heng

When the conditions are calm and little current these two sites can be accessed, submerged reefs covered in fan corals, lionfish, moray, snapper and of course as the name states, leopards sharks found sleeping after a busy night hunting. Bamboo sharks often found here hiding under the reef.

Hin Daeng – Hin Muang

For a high chance of the pelagics, this speedboat trip is a must for the more experienced diver. Famous for its Manta cleaning station, you can spend the entire dive hovering, watching and photographing these gentle giants for a full hour on both sites.

Whale sharks coming to the reef to feed on the plankton often pass by as you are watching the manta in our high season with the occasional grey reef shark out in the blue and batfish galore.

Table Coral City – Artificial Reef

Situated near Viking cave, this is two dive sites in one – the artificial reef is made up of three pyramids with both soft and hard corals established. Great dive for macro, nudibranch galore and a large school of longfin batfish have taken up residency here too.

Further north of the pyramids is Table Coral City – large fan, table and brain corals here in the shallows covered in marine life. Hawksbill turtles often found here as well as leopard sharks.

Koh Haa

Five islands approximately 30 kilometres from Phi Phi, the visibility here is generally very good . If you want a different kind of dive, then give this a go. Enter the cathedral at around 18 metres to see the light shining down through the chimney.

This dive site has the bigger school of pufferfish we’ve ever seen and dolphins are often spotted whilst travelling to and from the site. Great for snorkeling during the surface interval and beautiful white sandy beach for lunch.

King Cruiser Wreck

This ferry sank in 1998 after hitting Anemone Reef and sits perfectly on the bottom at 32 metres, using a buoy line to descend you will meet the wreck at approximately 15 metres and then its time to explore. A 150 feet in length it is a great introduction to wreck diving and can be seen in one dive. The bow and the stern still very much intact and the toilets are still in situ often with moray eels inside. Keep an eye out for great barracuda cruising over the top of the ship and resident turtle often spotted.

This site is prolific in schools of fish that you’ll need to move out of the way to see the wreck, lionfish, scorpion fish, morays, shrimps even the elusive clown triggerfish has been spotted here.

Bob Freeth Reef & Rod’s Rocky Canyon

These two dive sites have been named after two regular customers who have become our good friends. Bob Freeths reef is situated on the wall between Loh samah and Maya south and Rod’s Rocky canyon is on the outside wall of Loh daluhm bay, both offer plenty of swim views and overhangs and both are great for macro photography. The other great thing is you normally have the dive sites to yourselves. Thanks for being great customers.

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