The Soviet Destroyer, Capt. M.V. Tibbetts, off Cayman Brac.

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Seeing the larger fish combined with the fine corals make Stork Passage a very good sive site.

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Large population of pelagic game fish.

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Strong current brings large pelagics.

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Tiwi Reef is one of the best in the area.

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Canyon with numerous swimthroughs.

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Deep dive site and 2 meters black corals.

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Whale sharks, dolphins and manta rays can be spotted here.

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Manta rays are often spotted here.

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The top of the reef lies at a shallow 3m (10ft) on the island side and inclines down to the sandy bottom, which is found…

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Scenic unspoilt reef with stunning blue soft coral.

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Popular dive site with big fishes in the blue.

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A must for any serious diver. Huge amount of marine life at the entrance of the cave.

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Home of George, a huge semi-tame giant moray.

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Amazing dive site when conditions are perfect.

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Amazing reef at Kisiti Atoll in the Shimoni National Marine Park.

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Spectacular reef with a concentration of pelagics, reef fishes and colorful corals.

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At the top of this amazing reef is a large blue hole about 8 metres across and this provides access to Virgin Blue Hole. Found…

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This dive site consists of a reef wall and a number of ledges, arches, small caves and a large cavern. It is found near Ngercheu…

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This dive is made up of a huge underwater cavern that has three openings that are found on a reef wall. The combination of the…

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This is one of Palau’s best dives and it is well known as a pelagic dive site offering divers the chance to see many larger…

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This dive site is on a section of the reef that is well known for its extremely fast drift dives with some of the strongest…

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This dive site features a spectacular vertical wall with a plateau that drops down to about 10 metres. Found west of Ngedebus Coral, the reef…

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This vibrant and vivid dive site is a section of the vertical wall that runs around Ngemelis Island. Found west of Ngemelis Island and German…

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Jellyfish Lake is one of the top diving experiences in Palau. These famous golden jellyfish have lost their sting and congregate in their hundreds near the surface of the water. Although diving is prohibited, snorkelling offers great opportunities to see these interesting-looking creatures and photograph them.

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The Iro is probably the most famous of all the wrecks in Palau and is a fantastic wreck dive; the wreck is considered one of…

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This Japanese army cargo ship is named Helmet Wreck because of the rows of helmet stacks in the wreck that have fused together and are…

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Famous amongst divers for providing regular sightings of majestic eagle rays, mantas and reef sharks, German Channel is a good choice for divers enthusiastic about seeing these marine creatures. Divers will also be surrounded by a variety of schooling fish which add to the experience.

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One of the most visited wreck sites in Palau, this dive site is often called Lionfish wreck due to the huge numbers of lionfish that…

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Enjoy a touch of underwater elegance in the Chandelier Cave, a unique cave made up of several rooms joined by tunnels. Brilliant for swim-throughs and wide-angle underwater photography, Chandelier Cave is definitely worth a visit!

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This dive site is a sheer vertical wall running along the whole side of Ngemelis Island. It is a drift dive where divers can see…

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Blue Hole divesite article goes here.

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This is a very good wreck dive that needs to be undertaken with great respect and treated as a memorial site. Although this sounds like…

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Jackson Reef is one of the best in the Sinai region. Its steep-sided walls are coloured by black corals, dangerous green and orange fire corals…

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Sha’ab Rumi South in Sudan is a unique dive and one of the best dive sites in the area. As one might imagine, dive sites…

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This dive site in the Marsa Alam reason is one of the most popular dive spots in the Red Sea as there is a very…

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Daedalus Reef, sometimes called Abu Kizan, is one of the most well preserved dive sites in the Red Sea. It is roughly 80 km from…

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Fury Shoals is a very good dive site in the southern part of the Red Sea in the Marsa Alam region that is actually made…

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This dive site is a very good dive site and it is well named, as the reef is home to about 200 spinner dolphins. The…

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Elphinstone Reef is one of the most popular dive sites in the Red Sea. The reef is an easily accessible, sure-fire way to get your…

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The Abu Nuhas Reef found close to the north coast of Shadwan Island, is a submerged reef that is now home to five cargo shipwrecks….

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This fantastic Red Sea Wreck allows divers to complete some very deep dives. The Rosalie Moller Wreck was a coal ship that sank during the…

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The world renowned Big Brother islands offer some of the best diving in Egypt, especially for shark sightings. Divers can expect to get up close…

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The Dunraven Wreck is a well-known dive site in the Red Sea and is very popular as an exploration wreck dive. This 78 meter long…

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Kingston Wreck is a fantastic wreck dive in the Red Sea, offering divers the chance to explore this large boat and see many types of…

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Ras Mohammed is an area of many different dive sites that offer some of the best diving in the Red Sea. Ras Mohammed is the…

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The Shark and Yolanda Reefs are world-class dive sites in Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt. Located at the meeting point between the waters of the Gulf…

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