Deep Slope is an interesting reef with a miniwall covered with corals.

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The Lighthouse reef off Malapascua Island is world-famous for one main reason: most often visited right before sunset, divers flock to see the unique mating dance of the brightly coloured mandarin fish.

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A great dive for all technical diver.

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The Shark Reef Marine Reserve was created by Beqa Adventure Divers (BAD) and is where their shark dive is held. Where during shark feeding times…

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The dive is slightly tricky especially during the rough winter months.

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Julian rocks! This is where I did my first Open Water dives and where I got hooked to diving 10 years ago. I still remember…

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Calavera is an interesting cenote. From the top, it looks like a skull (hence its name) with two smaller holes for eyes and a bigger…

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Cozumel has some beautiful dive sites but Paso Del Cedral Wall is my favourite so far. Jumping off from the boat, we descend as soon…

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Abundant marine life around the wreck and an easy entry if you wish to.

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Though the drive to Dreamgate cenote is a long and bumpy one, reaching there would feel nice and peaceful if not for the vicious humming…

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Aravind’s Wall is a classical drift dive along the continental shelf of South East India. After a few Whale Shark and Manta Ray sightings it…

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Cenote Carwash is a very popular site among divers as well as snorkelers. Its name comes from taxi drivers who used to wash their cars…

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El Bajon just off the coast of La Restinga on the island of El Hierro on the Canary Islands is a dive site with an…

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Koh Waeo, just off the coast of Hat Nai Yang Beach in Phuket, is an amazing dive site. It consists of two small islands which…

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Bait Reef is located in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park (Outer Reef). We dive this spot today while I’m working at Hamilton Island in…

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Los Arcos dive site is named after the two arches to be found here and the place is full of life. I’m always excited to…

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Just off the coast of Bohol, you find the tiny island of Cabilao with only 3 resorts (at the time of travelling). Electricity only runs…

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Waking up while the boat brings us to the Big Blue dive spot, the sun makes her away slowly up above the ocean. We literary…

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World famous dive site for Hammerhead sharks.

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It was a great day of diving on one of Pattaya’s well known but rarely dived wrecks the Bremen when the idea of preserving the…

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Most divers pass-over the opportunity to dive off the beach on Chaweng Reef in Koh Samui in favor of the clear waters of Koh Tao…

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Less than an hour away by boat from Sabang, Puerto Galera, Verde Island provides one of the most spectacular wall dives in the Philippines. Plummeting…

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Sunk in March 2003 near the Asia Divers pier in Puerto Galera, the MV Alma Jane Express was a 60-ton, 35m (115ft) steel-hulled cargo ship…

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Excellent for underwater macro-photography.

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Macro photographers can easily spend their entire visit in Sabang Bay.

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If you liked the huge concentration of anthias at the Canyons, wait until you see Kilima Drift. No kidding!

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Nudibranch enthusiasts won’t want to miss Sinandigan Wall.

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Located at the headland south of Escarceo Point, Boulders is one of the most distant sites from Sabang (Puerto Galera), taking roughly 30mins by banca….

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The Critter Cradle is a eye-opening muck diving site located on Bali’s Northwest Coast at Puri Jati. Drive along the coast to Siririt. Although the…

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Currents tended to be gentle at the Lighthouse, making it easy for photography. The wall was densely populated with soft coral, giant gorgonian sea fans…

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Starting the Turtle Bay dive site along the shallow fringing staghorn coral reef, we slowly made our way to the drop-off. Large barrel sponges protruded…

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The Lumatang dive site is characterised by a gentle sloping wall covered with the giant gorgonian sea fans that we have grown so accustomed to on…

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Strong current at this favorite dive site.

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One of the favorite dive sites in the Galapagos.

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400 metres deep sink hole located near Rome.

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Technical divers can explore the untouched wreck found 56 years after.

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The Navy Frigate Canterbury F421 is now a shipreck located near Cape Brett in Deep Water Cove.

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These wrecks are situated two hours along the coast north of KK.

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Located on the southern part of the island of Koh Tao, Red Rock is a small granite peak that rises out of the water from…

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These 2 dive sites are a favorite for divers.

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The TRACC House Reef is an excellent dive site for macro critters.

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One of the most exotic and popular dive site of Alor is Kalabahi Bay, which lies in Kalabahi City. It is located on the inside…

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Hukurila is a village in South Leitimur district, Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia. The ecological areas of coastal waters of Ambon city have potential for marine tourism….

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”I am bored!” how many times we say these words at work? We have possibly said these for hundred times or more. The sign of…

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While Ambon has a number of interesting historical and cultural sites, such as the remnants of forts built by the Dutch East Indies Company during…

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One of the divers’ favorites is the unspoiled underwater world in Batu Lompa. The main attraction in this diving site is several types of rhinopias,…

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Tanjung Pisok dive site is stunning!

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This atoll is the location of many different dive sites and has examples of all of the different types of dive sites in the Maldives….

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A paradise for macro-photographers. Check-out for the blue-ring octopus!

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